I was putting up a message about Earth Day on Google Classroom so thought that I would post it here too in case some people look at the Blog more often. Basically appreciate our wonderful planet is the task for the day.  Lots of ideas online. Here is what I put on Google Classroom.

Hi Everyone,

I was just googling something and discovered that it is ‘Earth Day’ today. I think some of you are already making a difference to the environment with gardens, butterflies and birdboxes and Earth Day is a day to take some time to appreciate the world around us. It is a beautiful day so if you can get out and enjoy it.

If you are looking for something different to do on Earth Day you could start by just playing today’s little google video which is above the google sign. I think you know what it is. There is always one when you google.

There are also loads of activities online like making a shaker by recycling an old plastic bottle. You could decorate the shaker with permanent pens, paper or ribbons and use it on Thursday to make some noise for our key workers and carers. Try out small amounts of different objects to see what makes a noise you like. You could use little stones, rice, lentils or tiny toys. Remember you can take the shaker apart again and get your toys back. There are other activities which you would need an adult to help with like making wind chimes for your garden or veranda out of recycled tin cans. As always, check with an adult before you start making something.

Taking a walk or riding a bike are good Earth Day activities.

Listen to the buzzing bees and birds from your window or in your garden.

If you are having a lazy day, you could just try to go without using any electricity for an hour which is what people try to do on Earth hour each year.

Draw a poster for Earth Day and put it in your window beside your rainbow.

Help with the recycling today.

Here is just one link I found with ideas:

Have a nice day, Ms Short. 🐝 (If you look closely, I think that is a bee.)

Earth Day

You will need:
• a clean empty plastic bottle with a lid
• a handful of small objects which will make a noise in the bottle e.g. small pasta, lentils, beads, seeds, small stones etc
• Pens, paper, glue, sequins, ribbon to decorate
• Sellotape

1. Make sure your bottle is clean and dry inside.
2. Put the small objects you have chosen inside and put on the lid.
3. Shake the bottle to check if you are happy with the noise.
4. Use different objects or add more or less until you are happy with the noise.
5. Secure the lid by screwing it on and adding Sellotape if you think it needs it.
6. Decorate your bottle by drawing on it, tying ribbons around the neck or sticking things on it.
7. Post a picture if you can or shake on Thursday!

Decorating Ideas Below:


Listening out for you on Thursday.