P4-7 visit Fairy Gate Wood

The pupils pf P4-7 are enjoying their class novel “Wolf Brother” and have a good understanding of life in Mesolithic times. As part of the P4-7 topic “Wolf Brother’s Wildwoods” the pupils have divided into 4 clans. Clan Oak is Jorgie and Jack, Clan Apple is Carlos, Jacob and Carla, Clan Golden Willow is Kayleigh, Poppy and Sophie and Clan Cherry Blossom is Carmo, Rebecca and Ellie.

Each clan created a clan identity, a clan call and signal. They created items to be worn when they went on their first adventure to Fairy Gate Wood. Each clan also created twig people to take to the woods with them. Here they are hard at work preparing for their visit to the woods.

The Clans and their Mini Camps

Apple Clan

Oak Clan

Clan Cherry Blossom

Clan Golden Willow

Nettle Pancakes

Tree Poems

P4-7 wrote some wonderful poems about trees this week. Mrs Nunes enjoyed displaying their work.

Topic Work

Both classes are thoroughly enjoying their topics this term and are producing some great work and taking part in many fun lessons.

P1-3 have been making working lighthouses.

P4-7 all contributed to this panel of Rock Art. Each pupil filled a frame with motifs and then joined them all together in this panel with fissures and cracks crossing each drawing.