Our Learning Week Beginning 01/03/2021

Good Morning

This week we will be doing lots of fun things to help us learn, here are some of the things we will be doing this week-

  • Sound of the week

Here is this week’s Sound of the Week

Sorting task for sound of the week

Here is a link to a song to help us remember our sound of the week-

Ee Song

  • We have a new author of the month for March- Lynley Dodd

Lynley Dodd writes the Hairy MacLary books and they have lots of rhyme so we thought this would be a good author to do after Julia Donaldson because we were great at rhyming.

Below is a link to the first story we will be looking at-

Hairy MacLary from Donaldson’s dairy. Below is a link to an animation of the story-

Hairy MacLary

  • Emotions

We are still thinking about our emotions and sharing how we feel with one another. It is good to talk about how we feel, it makes us feel better if we are down.

We have been using emotional check in sheets which the children have been using to record how they feel and discuss this with their keyworker.

  • Colour and Shape

We will also be looking at shape and colour this month. As we enter Spring there are lots of new colours and shapes are the plants begin to grow and the weather changes.

  • Transitions

During this month we will be planning for transitions and we will be speaking to the children about going to school. We will be thinking about skills for school and building relationships with our peers who will be joining us at school. We will also be looking at skills for school and encouraging the children to take part in a number of learning experiences which will further develop knowledge, understanding and skills which will set them in good stead for transitioning to school.

Love from Cairns Nursery Team x

Home Learning Day 27- 19/02/2021 with Miss Steven


 Thinking back to Ms McDougall’s song last week of Five little men in a flying saucer. Now pretend you are an alien in space.  Create your own alien, Can you describe your alien character? Use the worksheet below to help think of ideas.
 Use a spoon as a measuring device. Go around your home and see if things are the same size, shorter or longer than the spoon. Do you think you could put the items that you find in order by size, starting with the smallest?
 ▪︎Health and Wellbeing▪︎
 It’s Yoga Time. This week we have been looking at space. Copy, sing along and have fun!

Home Learning Day 26- 18/02/2021 with Miss McAteer


Show and Tell – My Favourite book.

Miss McAteer would like to know what your favourite book is. Once you have found your book, ask an adult at home to video you showing us your favourite book and tell us why it is your favourite. Or take a photo and write what you like about your book.

My Favourite Book


Miss McAteer would like to test your problem solving skills today. Look out some of the puzzles or jigsaws you have at home and see if you can complete it by yourself.

Puzzle time with Miss McAteer.

Health and Wellbeing

Let’s get creative. Miss McAteer would like you to create your own jewellery using pasta 🙂 Watch the video below to find out how to make it.

Pasta Jewellery

Home Learning Day 25- 17/02/2021 with Miss Revie


Miss Revie would like you to learn the nursery rhyme ‘Hey diddle, diddle’. If you can remember the words, get your adult at home to video you saying the rhyme. Can you spot the rhyming words?

Skills- learn and recite a nursery rhyme, identify rhyming words, perform confidently.


Today we are working with familiar shapes. Miss Revie would like you to follow the steps below to create a rocket out of shapes.

Skills- recognise and name 2D shapes, be creative with shapes

Health and Wellbeing

This week we are thinking about emotions and Miss Revie would like you to think about how we know someone is feeling a certain way, looking at facial expressions.


Skills- recognise emotions in myself and others