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Being Cool in School

This term and last term we have been doing Being Cool For School.  We have looked at cool responses to situations.  We have discussed cool thinking.  We have considered cool facial expressions and cool body language.  We have acted out lots of different scenarios.  Our class have really enjoyed it.  The Parent Council provided the funds to pay for the resources.  Here is what some of the class had to say about it.

Freya – I thought it was fun because it helps you to stay cool.

Luca – It’s helped me at playtimes when I’ve been in arguements.

Connor – Loved it! It has helped when I’ve been in trouble.

Isla – I loved acting out the scenarios.

Sound Netball

Sound Yellow and Blue Netball player’s hard work and determination has paid off as they both compete in the Shetland Schools South and North Leagues.

Sound netball teams are made up of girls in Primary 6 & Primary 7 – they have trained on Friday’s after school since August.  The yellow team thoroughly enjoyed their first experience playing in a netball league and have developed their skills and made new friends along the way.

Sound Blue have had a successful experience in the North league – earning themselves a place in the finals on the 9th of March at Scalloway Games Hall from 2-4pm.  This is open to supporters so please feel free to come along and cheer the girls on from the side. 

Mrs Sjoberg, Miss Nicholson and Mrs Abernethy are very proud of Sound netball as a whole and want to thank them for making netball on Friday afternoons so much fun!

Outdoor Fun at Kirkabister for 7B

It was the start of the morning everyone was pleased because it was the day of outdoor education. Everyone was screaming with joy. The next thing they all knew was that it was time to go. All the children got on to mini buses, a red and a blue bus.
Then the children went to the stores to get some gear on like life jackets, helmets and a wetsuit. There were two men and one lady. Then it was time to get on the bus to Nesting .
When everybody got to Nesting each person had a bit to eat then everyone went through a field of sheep. Then everybody got into the sea, it was so cold. Everyone was like an otter and most people jumped in with a big splash.
Every one swam to Lucky’s cave then all of us had lunch at the beach and heard a story about Lucky’s Cave. The story was all about a sheep called Lucky because one day a sheep was told don’t go near the edge of the cliff but the sheep did not listen to his mum and he fell of the cliff and swam to a rock and faced to a wall and knew it was death but then Pete came along to save the sheep. He was saved and it was a wonderful story. Then we went into a cave, it was dark but no one was scared. Thankfully then we got out for lunch. We had to walk a little but then everyone got lunch, it was good. Next we had to go back to the stores to take off the wet suit, shoes and the helmet. It took a bit of effort to get it off but in the end we did and went back to school.

The day had been good and everyone learnt something new. We all had the best adventure in the world the end.