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Upper Primary Assembly

P5-7 led a very interesting Assembly today, where they showcased their work from last term.  They shared their personal and academic targets for the term, showed their appreciation of determination and resilience through the story of Robert the Bruce and the spider and demonstrated that to get good at something – whether work or pleasure – you have to work at it.  Practice, practice, practice!

Cooke Aquaculture Visit

As part of My World of Work, we invited David Brown (nursery parent) from Cooke Aquaculture, to come in and talk to us about:

  • salmon farming,
  • the importance of literacy, numeracy and HWB
  • the journey of food from farm to plate

A very informative and engaging session was delivered by David and Michelle.  Pupils were very inspired by the session, asking lots of pertinent questions and relating to their own experiences of fishing.

The bairns were kindly given a hat each, which will be very useful in keeping them warm now that winter is fast approaching.  A huge fresh salmon was gifted to the staff, so Mrs Missenden had fresh baked salmon for tea (the bairns have salmon to look forward to  at school dinners next term).

Thank you

Assembly – led by Early Years

Parents and grandparents were invited to join in with our whole school assembly this morning.

Numeracy and literacy in the Early Years class was celebrated, with “1,2,3,4,5…once I caught a fish alive” and “5 little speckled frogs” highlighting forward and backwards counting.  “Baby shark” has been a favourite during the term – alongside child-led learning about pirates, princesses and our bodies.

Our vision – Inspire Our Individual Stars to Shine Brightly – was shared and celebrated, with a whole school rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Thanks to all who joined us.

Language Development Through Play

Our first “Literacy Development Through Play” session for Under 5 parents was well received and enjoyed by those parents who attended.  Parents and Early Years staff were able to share a Bookbug session (action songs and stories), discuss the importance of early literacy skills development and discuss how the school could support Under 5 groups (and parents at home) in promoting literacy.

On the last Wednesday of each month (during term time), from 9.30-10.30am, we will host a Singalong/ Story/ “Sport” session for Under 5s, with input from Early Years staff.

Literacy bags – one to support North Roe U5 session and another to support Ollaberry U5 session – will be available soon.  We plan that these will include CDs, a CD player, finger puppets, stretchy material, books and more…

Parents are welcome to borrow books from our Early Years library at any time, as well as accessing “book bags”.

Impromptu School Trip, involving a Pilot Whale?

A phone call from one of our grandparents led to an impromptu visit to the local Boat Shed near Stonecouple.  A whale had been washed up, dead, onto the shore…

Jan and Pete from Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary had been to visit and were able to confirm it was an older pilot whale.  The reason it died is not yet known.

STEM event at Mareel, Thursday 20th September

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Mrs O’Neill has been running our science club since we started back after summer.  The work done in class and at the club formed a display which the bairns were able to speak about to judges and visitors.

Anderson High School senior pupils led some chemistry, physics and biology activities and My World of Work let us try programming robots!

Our 2 teams took part in a series of 6 STEM challenges which included

  • designing a plane which would hit the target
  • building a buggy which would scoot across the floor
  • designing and building a bridge across a gap
  • problem solving to unlock a box using a magnet to get the (unnecessary for a diesel engine) sparkplug
  • identifying renewable and harness-able energy
  • following instructions to create a jumping frog

We may not have won any trophies but we had a fantastic day!