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Da Voar Redd Up

On the 27th of April P7 did Da Voar Redd Up!

We walked to the end of the Tingwall road and back.

We found a chocolate box, lots of plastic and glass bottles, a car wheel, a dog poop bag with poop in it, cans, 3 hedgehogs, sweetie wrappers and lots more.

Over all we collected 3 bags of bruck.


By Kaitlin and Kara


Election Day!

On Friday the 29th of May, Primary 567 held a general election for the whole school. There were 4 political party’s. B.S.P (Better Shetland Party), SPP (Shetland People Party), S.I.P (Shetland Intelligence Party) and S.D.P (Shetland Democratic Party).

We are going to find out who won this afternoon. Our classroom was set up as a polling station and we had to try and get people to vote for us. The votes are going to be counted when were in art. We have been preparing for it for weeks. The Teachers got to vote as well.








By Kaitlin (P6) and Chrissie (P7) 🙂

P.E. Circuit Training

On Thursday we went to the gym hall for P.E. . Circuit training is when there is eight to six cones in every corner and in the middle of the hall. This week there was skipping, press ups, burpees, hula hooping, running and squats. You go in a clockwise direction around the hall.

By Kaitlin and Vaila (P6)