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On Wednesday the P7’s created Reebops.

The way we created them was we were learning about genes and genetics.In pairs we had to chose who was “a” and “b”. Then the a’s got pink pieces of paper with letters on it. The b’s got blue pieces of paper with the same amount of letters on it. So then we had to turn the paper over in the order so we couldn’t see the letters. After we had to randomly pick between the small letters and the capital letters.

The pieces of paper acted as our chromosomes to decide what inherited characteristics our baby Reebops would have!

After that we had to look at what we picked and make our Reebops and they are SOOOOOOOO cute!

By Ella and Kirsty (P7)

Our visit from the Scalloway Fire Festival

Today we had a visit from the Scalloway Fire Festival’s Jarl Squad.

Two people from our school were in it and their big sister as well. Erin from our class and Danny from P345. Erin said there was about 50 people in the Jarl Squad so it was quite claustrophobic in the hall.

The men/boys wore a black tunic a shield and an axe. The men also wore a reindeer skin and the boys wore a blue sheep skin. The girls wore a blue dress and a grayish cloak and four of them held a banner saying “Scalloway Fire Festival” .







Children In Need

Today the Pupil Council organised a Children In Need day. We had to wear a Super Hero costume or a onesie. Just about everyone in the school dressed up!

In the morning, we announced the winners of our superhero contest. Louise and Rebecca both won prizes. James guessed the teacher’s superhero logo “Super Tingwall Staff”.

We had a Bric a Brac sale and where we could buy lots of toys, books and games. Only a few things never sold. In the end we had to sell everything for 10p.

We made over £200!!

Our whole school – all dressed up!

Our winners!

In class, we discussed why it is important to help people. We came up with different suggestions of how we can help others then organised them in order of importance. All the groups thought giving money to charity was the most important. We also decided that helping others in class, helping with housework and looking after those who are hurt or ill were all important too.

We’d like to thank everyone who donated items for our bring and buy sale, and anyone who donated money. And everyone for dressing up!

By Kirsty, Chrissie, Kyle, Bobby, Gary, James, Ella, Magnus, Cian and David (Tingwall Pupil Council Members)