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The Scottish Opera – Warriors

On Wednesday the 10th of June P567 went to Whiteness Primary for the Scottish Opera ‘Warriors’ performance. We did the performance with Whiteness and Aith. We were the Builders, Aith were the Peasants and Whiteness were the Soldiers. There were three adult parts in the Opera, they all were in charge of a certain group. Dan Of Yan was played by Steven, he was leader of the Peasants. Michelle was Zhang Han, leader of us (the builders) and Jamie was the Emperor Qin, in charge of the Soldiers.

It turned out really good and we would do it again if we got the chance.

By Bobby and Tom (P7)







Scottish Opera Rehearsal- At Whiteness School

On Thursday the 28th of May, we went to Whiteness School to practise for our Scottish Opera performance ‘Warriors’. We are performing it with Whiteness and Aith.

A man called Roger was going through the songs with us. He was funny and made the whole thing a lot better. I think he was quite happy with our singing (we’re the builders) especially in our part in the first song.

We only got our break at 11 o clock therefore we were ABSOLUTELY STARVING. I think the songs were quite good with all of us singing together.

By Tom and Bobby (P7)

P7 Voxter Trip: Day 2

On the second day of the P7 Voxter trip we hiked up a burn. A man called Steve came as our guide, he explained we were hiking up a burn, going across the top of the hill, down another burn, across a beach and back the Voxter House.

We had to get a rucksack, a helmet and a waterproof jacket (just in case it got windy or rainy).

We walked up a very steep hill and down the side of it to the burn. We had to put on our helmets then so if we fell our heads would be safe. We jumped on rocks across the burn for no practical reason just to make it fun and exciting.  We took turns leading the group (anyone who wanted to) through challenging routes. Then we had to go on our own for a bit finding our own routes up the burn




When we eventually got to the top of the hill we walked across the top of it to get to the other burn, we got down to the level of the burn and FINALLY had lunch. We then carried on down the burn, just like before. When we got to the bottom we took off our helmets and walked across the beach back to Voxter to catch our bus back to school.

Overall the walk was fun or some, a bit frustrating others. But Tom, Abby and Gary would definitely do it again.







By Gary and Tom (P7)

Road Safety Play

On Wednesday the 25th of February the P7s went to Scalloway School to see a Road Safety Play. We thought it was good and we learned alot about road safety.

It was just Tingwall, Hamnavoe and Scalloway.

The play was about 4 P7s some of which were bad around the road, some of them were good. It was good because all the details stick in your mind as it was funny.

It was very enjoyable and we would go again if we had a chance.

By Tom and Kyle (P7)

Future Gadgets

On Thursday 22nd of January we had to come up with what some gadgets would look like and their functions in about 30 to 50 years. some of the ideas were a tv that you could go into any programme. A mobile phone that was basically a headset that projected the phone image into a hologram in front of you, you could also be phoned and that persons face would appear in front of you and many other great ideas. We enjoyed it very much andwould do something similar in the future

By Tom (P7) and Ryan (P6)


On Monday in P.E we were using the Trampet. The Trampet is basically a small trampoline that you run up to , bounce, and if you want do a 360 or different shapes in the air.The P7’s were allowed to do a 360 or a 180 if they wanted to.The P5s and 6s had to do either a star shape, a tuck, or a straight shape. Ireally enjoyed it and I am excited to continue doing it in P.E.

Our WW2 Topic

This term our topic is World War II.

This week we have been learning about how the war started and the countries involved and what side they were on.

The war started because The Nazi’s invaded Poland, Britain and France immediately declared war on Germany. The two sides were called the Allies and The Axis. The main countries in the Allies were Britain, France, Soviet Union (Russia) and USA. The Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Some of us made WWII airplanes, we also started our Personal Projects about WWII.

By Tom and Bobby (P7)


In Art on Friday the 28th of November we were working with clay.

We had multiple choice of what we could actually make, you could make a sheep pot, a fish, a turamundi pot or an African mask.

I made a sheep pot, first you have to make a sphere with the clay, next you have to make a big hole in the clay so it looks like a pot, the you turn it upside down and you get small pieces of clay, roll them out and stick them on the pot. We never got any farther then that.

I enjoyed making the sheep pots and I look forward to doing it next week. 🙂

By Tom (P7)

Painting Props

On Friday the 21st of November we painted our props that we need for our Christmas show ‘The Stars Are Coming Out For Christmas’. Me and Chrissie painted microphones that we need in the play, other people painted stuff such as a guitar, a mince pie, brussel sprouts, gravy and christmas pudding as well as giant knives and forks! I enjoyed painting our props because it wasn’t hard and it was calming.

By Tom (P7)

Aztec Gods

On Wednesday the 12th of November we learned about the Aztec Gods. The God Of War is called Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc is the God Of Rain, Chantico is the Goddess of Fire and Patectl is the God Of Healing. I like Patecatl mostly because of his name!

After we looked at the gods we got to create our own Gods! I made mine the God of Rocks, Stone, Ores, Lines and Circles!

By Tom (P7)