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County Primary Competition

On Tuesday Abby, Ella and Gary went to Clickamin’s Athletics track to compete in the Primary County competition. The events to compete in were: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, Sack Race, Shuttle Relay, Long Jump, High Jump and Cricket ball throw. Our school cluster was joined with Whiteness, Nesting and Scalloway. Ella and Gary competed in the 800m race. Gary found it easy and Ella found it quite hard. Gary came in 5th place and Ella came in 9th place. They next event was 100m sprint heats. We all competed in it Gary came 2nd in his heat Abby came 2nd and Ella came 3rd. Abby got into the final but she came 4th. The Sack Race was next Ella got 1st place and Gary got 6th place. Next was the Cricket ball throw Abby got 1st place and Gary got 5th place. After that was the 200m race but nobody competed in that. Next was the High Jump/Long Jump Gary came 6th in the High Jump and 2nd in the Long Jump. Ella came 5th in the High Jump and 3rd in the Long Jump. Abby came 5th in the High Jump. Next was 400m race. Gary came 2nd, Abby came 4th and Ella came 6th. The last event was the Shuttle Relay Gary and Abby were in the Central Mainland team. Our team came 2nd. Over all Tingwall came back with 7 medals all together! Over all in the Central Mainland team we came back with 10 medals!

It was really fun and over all we did quite well!





By Ella, Gary and Abby (P7)

P7 trip to Voxter: Day 1

On the 14th of May all the P7’s went to Voxter for their leaving treat.

At 10 am we left school to go to the Northlink. When we arrived there they were people from Dogs Against Drugs. They were practicing a real search. We got to see Niko in action and how he reacted to the search.

After that we got a tour of the Hrossey one of five boats of Northlink Ferries. Firstly we got a tour of the bow of the boat. We saw the the Premium lounge, were Jane told us about the chairs. Next we went down to Fire 2 were the fire crew keep all the fire equipment. Ross the cadet showed us what they would wear if there was a fire. Then he led us down to the lower car deck. He let us go through a water proof door which are VERY dangerous! After that we went up to the Bridge or the Wheel House. We weren’t aloud to touch anything, especially buttons. Then we got to see their navigation computer and all the buttons are used for docking. Before we left we got to see their security system and asked questions. We thanked Jane and Ross then we walked to the Clickamin.




When we arrived we got changed into are swimming kits so we could go swimming. Tom couldn’t go swimming so he stayed with Mrs Morrison and Miss Calvert. We all played in the Rapid Rivers, we didn’t do much. After that we went in the Flumes that was fun. Everybody after that went in the Baby Pool. Miss Calvert, Mrs Morrison and Tom were sitting above us. We got told we had to get out of the Baby Pool because they were going to be a swimming class on, so we all went in the Big Pool. We tried to jump in at the same time but it never worked so we decided to get out.


This is us trying to jump in the pool together!

We all met in the Muckle Cafe so we could have lunch. We finished our lunch then we went up to Hayfield park. We played on the equipment not many other people were there so it was good. After that we went back to Clickamin to do our dry side activities. That included: The climbing wall, table tennis and trampoline. We split into two groups. Andy showed us how to climb the climbing wall. Only girls got to the top which we were quite surprised by. The keen climbers got to climb the big wall. They did very well! At 4 pm we got the bus to Voxter it takes quite a while about 40 minutes.

















When we arrived at Voxter Mrs Morrison showed us our rooms. We unpacked then we chilled out. Some people went to the beach, but all of us went to the small trees near the beach. We Climbed the trees and found slugs. Ella was very close to being stuck up a tree, she nearly was at the top! When we got back Chrissie, Timon and Abby set the table for dinner. The others went into one room and chatted. Then finally our dinner arrived! Abby and Chrissie served the food then we all sat together and ate. Kirsty, Abby and Chrissie cleaned up while everyone else chilled out. A while after that we went up to the MASSIVE trees! We played a catchy game, it was fun a few people ran into trees!





When we got back to the Voxter House we all went into the boy’s room. We stayed up until 25 past 11! That was our first day of our trip.

By Abby and Kirsty (P7)

Reebops Return!

Last week the P7’s made reebops. This week we were doing data handling seeing how many reebops had certain things. We also had an award ceremony! We found out that nobody’s reebop had a white body, only on had no antennas and only two had pink faces. At the awards ceremony their were four prizes.

1. The Reebop that looked most like Miss Calvert’s

2. The most look a like siblings

3. The cutest Reepob

4. The craziest looking Reebop.

Philo and Joey (David and Kirsty’s reebops) Won the most look a like siblings!



Lily (Chrissies Reebop) Won the one who most looked like Miss Calvert’s Reebop.


Lily and Zoey (Chrissie and Abby’s Reebop) Won the cutest Reebop award!


Georgina (Gary’s Reebop) Won the craziest looking award!


By Abby (P7)

Instruction Writing

This week we were learning how to write instructions. Last week we learned what happened at an Aztec Sacrifice, then we wrote what to do. When we were done we wrote a recipe. I wrote how to make Spaghetti Bolognese.

We learned what to use when we are writing instructions. Bossy verbs were one of the things we learned. Bossy verbs (imperative) are telling people to do something like “go do this” or “go there now”. Another thing we learned was you need to write down what you will need to succeed. I really enjoyed writing instructions.

By Abby (P7)