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Douze oot!!

On Tuesday we played a game called Douze Oot which means you’re out in Shetland dialect and also 12 in french (douze). The way you play it is you stand in a circle, then you have to count in French from 1 to 12 and is you say Douze your out but you can say up to 3 numbers in a row to get some one out, the last one standing wins

It can get intense and funny!

Polish culture

We watched a video about a polish child called Gabriel that lived in the UK but his mother’s side was from Poland. In school he gets special lessons with his little sister and bigger sister in Polish. They learn how to sing dance and write in polish. He preforms polish dances infront of his family and others.  Some times he goes to Poland to vist his 2nd country.


Aztecs sacrifices

This week we did and learned about Aztec sacrifices.

We got to watch a video about the sacrifices and why they killed them,what for and when. After we got sheets about temples,sacrifices,after and why they did it,after we had to right it down on a piece of paper and share to our group.

I learned that fat,ugly,stupid,old and people with scars wouldn’t get sacrificed but healthy, good looking, fit, young people would get sacrificed and that they would sacrifice a person every day because they thought if they didn’t the sun wouldn’t come back up and that the god would destroyed the world.

I  thought it was stupid and sad why they sacrificed young healthy people every day.

By Timon (P7)

Aztec God

On Wednesday we learned about Aztec Gods.There a lot of gods and goddess. My favorite god was Patecatl the god of Healing. Some of the other gods was like Huitzilopochtli the god of war, Tlaloc the god of rain and Chantico the goddess of fire.

We got to make our own Aztec gods and name them and draw them. My one was called telepopes he was the god of the moon and teleportion

By Timon (P7)