Finance Visit

On Monday 29th May Isla McGhee from Money Advice Service at Citizens Advice Bureau came to visit us. We learnt about budgeting and finance. We spent time budgeting costs for a birthday party, making decisions on planning venues, accessories and guests.

This fitted in really well with our money topic, especially the budgeting section.  Isla was really enthusiastic and knowledgable about her field.



Folk Festival Week!

The Maya Youssef Trio came to visit us at Sandwick last week, here are some of Primary 6/7’s thoughts….

Alec thought that she was really good and very interesting.  Lewis thought it was quite overwhelming and quite interesting.  Shane thought she answered all the questions really quite well and formal.

By alec,lewis and shane.


Today we saw a musician called Maya Youssef. She was here for The Folk Festival, and she was brought up in Syria. She started to go to a Music Institute when she was only 7 and a half years old. Her parents signed her up for Violin by force. One day she was in a taxi on her way to the Institute when she heard some music on the radio. She instantly said I want to play this instrument. The taxi driver laughed and said it’s a canoen and said it is a male instrument and said you’ll never be able to play this instrument. As soon as she got to the Institute she signed up for it and rubbed her name off Violin.

She was amazing.

By Gracie, Connor, Shaun and Kaden.



This morning the Maya Youssef trio came to visit us. They played us some songs and answered our questions.

Now it’s very exciting to see any band perform but this was extra special, Maya plays something called the Kanun. It’s originally from Syria where Maya is from but not a lot of people play it. It’s is a 72 string instrument and it works like a piano but instead of the hammers working the strings your fingers are working the strings!

We thank Maya and her band for coming and playing for us!

Thank you!  By Jennifer and Kyle, P6/7


She is a Syrian and she plays a kanun. Which is a harp plus piano thing shaped as a canoe, only MEN are allowed to play it. Although Maya was determined! She has been playing since she was 9 years old! She has also played in London and Shetland! Maya plays Syrian music (which is so cool!) she is a really good musician.

By Steven, Erin and Esther


We asked Maya some questions, these have been noted below by Ella and Freya.

This morning Maya Youssef, She was born in Syria and came to live in the UK. She came to our school to show us her kanun which is an instrument which has 78 strings. She came to our school with 2 others who played the cello and other precution instruments.

At the end of their performance we were all aloud to ask questions, we asked things like,

.What inspired you to start playing?

“There is too much hatred in the world and I want to make some more love and beauty by playing music”.

.Why did you chose to play the kanun?

“I was in a taxi and I heard the kanun being played on the radio so I started playing”.

.When did you start playing?

“I started playing the kanun when I was only nine years old, but before that I played violin”.


We loved our visit from Maya and her band mates!


Club Time 26.01.17

Today in Sandwick Junior High School our two bloggers Kaden and Sophie are blogging about last weeks club time  and the skills all the groups are developing.

The Eco group were working on teamwork and learning about what is suitable to put in a compost bin.

The Junk Modelling  Challenge  group improving on lots of skills including sharing, team work, communicating and imagination.

Community  Stars were thinking about what would be best for the whole primary and stretching there imagination.

Musical Movement were doing a cosmic yoga session that was developing there imagination, teamwork, movement creativity, safety, flexibility,  communicating, agility and they were also helping each.

The Chess group were working on mental skills, communication and tactics.

The Pupil Council were learning how tuck shop worked and the till they were also developing there teamwork, computing, enterprise, business  and pricing skills.

Arts and Crafts  were weaving paper to make lovely patterns while doing this they were also developing coordination, creativity and there imaginations.

Film club were working on there computing and teamwork skills.

The Galley Building club were painting the Galley for SMUHA  and working on teamwork, concentration and listening to instructions.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog by Kaden and Sophie P7.

Club Time 02.02.17

Today in the Sandwick primary department loads of groups were moving about in club time doing everything they could. Kaden and Sophie went around finding out what the children were enjoying and finding tricky.

The Eco group were enjoying going outside and moving fruit veg to the compost bin to help the school grounds and the whole environment.

Junk modelling  were making potions and things to do with harry potter considering it’s harry potter day today. It looked like lots of fun!

Community stars loved looking through books to find things to help the play ground and to make it fun. They were marking in books what they think could make the school grounds better.

Musical and Movement group were dressing up as dragons and dancing with coloured ribbons and calm music. They all enjoyed answering the questions we asked the group. They found not being able to see a bit tricky.

Film club are going to enjoy making and listening to films. Even though today they had technical problems they all had fun.

Chess club loved winning, taking part and helping others understand the game. They all found playing tricky but they got the hang of it eventually.

Pupil Council were putting up posters in the entrance of our school to show what they are doing in pupil council such as tuck shop. They all did good at cooperating and helping others reach high to put up posters when they couldent.

The galley club liked painting and learning new things. They found the shields  tricky but still enjoyed it.

Arts and crafts club were making creative patterns and were finding out new drawing skills and how to share with each other.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog about our club time and we hope you read the next one  :D.

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