What’s on in P5/6 in Term 3

This term in class we will be focussing on the following parts of the curriculum:


We will continue writing our news each fortnight to develop and maintain our basic writing skills.  We will also be writing scripts and newspaper articles, all the while continuing to develop our spelling and grammar.

Each day we watch ‘Newsround’ and have the chance to talk about current events and opinions, keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world while also developing our skills in debating and discussing in a respectful way.

There will be a focus on reading for enjoyment this term.  Each child will have an individual appointment with our school library assistant where she can provide recommendations on books to try.  Instead of traditional reading groups with set pages to be read at home, we are moving towards a system of individual reading for enjoyment at home and school as well as some group reading in class.


In maths, we will be working on a variety of calculations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using both mental and written methods.  We will also be spending time considering how maths is used and why it is needed in everyday life.

We will be learning more about money – not just making money calculations but also its use in life and business by setting up some imaginary businesses to consider profit and loss and other financial matters.

We will also revise and extend our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape and information handling.


Our topic this term is ‘Happy, Healthy Me’.  Through this topic we will be learning about hygiene, both in terms of food safety and personal cleanliness.  This will link to responsibilities and we will consider the responsibilities required to look after a baby.  We will also be learning about drugs and alcohol and the impact this can have on our health, as well as how peer pressure and the impact of the media can influence our choices.  We will also be learning about internet safety in a mini-topic.


We will continue weekly French and Mandarin lessons this term.

The children have the opportunity on Friday afternoons to choose a ‘personal project’ – a chance to study a particular area of interest to them.  They have really been enjoying this time and it’s great to see a variety of their interests being studied.

In RME this term we will be learning about Islam through visits from Ashley Stephen with a focus on openness, respect and asking questions to find out more.  Our class assembly will also take place this term on Thursday 9th March at 9.10am.

Parents appointments this term are on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st February but as ever, if there is anything else you would like to discuss in the meantime, please contact me at the school.

Mrs Mullay

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