Jack’s Christmas Poem

Today in class we wrote Christmas poems, using nouns and verbs to make short lines then trying to include an extra line at the end with a Christmas message.

We loved Jack’s poem – it was really funny and included some rhyming, too!

Christmas is when…
Christmas is when…
Rudolph flies
Fairy lights flash
People dash
Snowmen stare
Carols sung
Bells rung
Chocolates go
Santa’s ready
Kids excited
Sleepless nights
Shopping fights
Christmas dinner
No one’s getting thinner!

Aaron’s Lovely Cake

In class, each day we have opened a door on an online advent calendar that gives us a suggestion for a kind act.

Suggestions so far have included: bake cookies for a friend, donate clothes to a charity shop or call someone just to say hello.

Aaron baked a cake for the arrival of his Granny and Grandad – doesn’t it look delicious! ¬†Well done Aaron, enjoy!