On the 15th and 16th of November 18 pupils from Sandwick Junior High School took over the Hay’s Dock Cafe. They cooked and served a three course meal to their families, friends, teachers of the school and members of the public.

The waiters included Sarah-Marie Riise, Melody Goodlad, Nina Price, Jodie Smith, Abigail Howard, Jasmine Woodside, Ruth Morris, Avie Simpson, Milly Martin and William Johnson. The chefs included Leighton Anderson, Max Orr, Jamie Leishman, Kyle Lucock, Sonny Smith, Elle Casey and Lennon Reid. They were helped along the way by Head of House Pete Sctace and Head Chef Lance Hughson.

Mrs Ramsay organised this event to give the pupils real life experience of a working restaurant. Rebecca who was waitressing on the Tuesday night told us “It helped me because it was like working in a real life kitchen without adult interfering.”   Max who was a chef on the Wednesday night also said “it was helpful because it gave me an insight on being a real chef because it was really busy.”

Both nights were really busy with 54 people attending on the Tuesday night and 61 on the Wednesday night. The pupils coped really well with the crowds and stress, giving everyone a great meal.

All the pupils that took part would like to give a very big thanks to Mrs Ramsay for organising and helping them through the night. 080147

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