Sandwick’s Thoughts On The Presidential Election

The world was shocked when Donald J Trump became the president of America.

His main competitor against him was Hillary Clinton.  Trump won the presidential election 306 votes to 232 votes that Hillary Clinton won.

Donald Trump promised that he will help mend the divide between Americans, However, many people think he isn’t intelligent enough to run America and also he may be a racist.

We asked people around Sandwick Junior High School about how they felt about Donald Trump:

Grant, S1: Donald Trump is a neep.

Jacob, S3: It’s a good start for America.

Mr Jackson: Not a good thing for America, he is a liar but hopefully he has good people around him

Mrs Ramsay: Shocked by the result of the election but America wants different and we have to respect that. He doesn’t have the skills to run the country.

Mr Finlayson: Disappointed and angered by the result. America is stupid to let Trump win the election.

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