Day of Democracy as Pupil Council Elections Take Place

The Pupil Council Election took place on the 21st of September featuring primary four, five, six and seven to secondary one, two, three and four.

The Primary elections took place from 9 to 11:15 and secondary being 11 – 12:35

S1 Candidates: Caitlin Desvaux, Emma Burgess, Eva Jamieson and Callum Fraser.

S2 Candidates: Aimee Smith, Megan Brannan, Rebecca Kerr and Jude Donaldson.

S3 Candidates: Mike Laurenson, Leighton Anderson and Sonny Smith

S4 Candidates: Tai McGill, Kirsten Keay and Jasmin Smith

The results came out as s1; Emma Burgess and Callum Fraser

s2; Jude Donaldson and Megan Brannan

s3; Mike Laurenson and Sonny Smith

s4; Tai McGill, Kirsten Keay and Jasmin Smith

Our councillors came to support the event. Allison Duncan and George Smith.

Allison also had a brilliant pronunciation of Jude’s name. “Julie”, but Mr Johnston corrected it at the end.

We would like to thank the candidates that stood and the ones who were elected and not elected, and for making it a successful election. Also to the councillors for giving their time up to come to our election.

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