On the 15th and 16th of November 18 pupils from Sandwick Junior High School took over the Hay’s Dock Cafe. They cooked and served a three course meal to their families, friends, teachers of the school and members of the public.

The waiters included Sarah-Marie Riise, Melody Goodlad, Nina Price, Jodie Smith, Abigail Howard, Jasmine Woodside, Ruth Morris, Avie Simpson, Milly Martin and William Johnson. The chefs included Leighton Anderson, Max Orr, Jamie Leishman, Kyle Lucock, Sonny Smith, Elle Casey and Lennon Reid. They were helped along the way by Head of House Pete Sctace and Head Chef Lance Hughson.

Mrs Ramsay organised this event to give the pupils real life experience of a working restaurant. Rebecca who was waitressing on the Tuesday night told us “It helped me because it was like working in a real life kitchen without adult interfering.”   Max who was a chef on the Wednesday night also said “it was helpful because it gave me an insight on being a real chef because it was really busy.”

Both nights were really busy with 54 people attending on the Tuesday night and 61 on the Wednesday night. The pupils coped really well with the crowds and stress, giving everyone a great meal.

All the pupils that took part would like to give a very big thanks to Mrs Ramsay for organising and helping them through the night. 080147

STEM Robotics Talk and Workshop

On the 17th of November Scott Summers, Katy Bristow, Emma Chittick from Skills Development Scotland.  Came to Sandwick school to promote skills and the ‘STEM’ system, Science Technology Engineering and maths system.

The S2’s went with Skills Development Scotland to programme some Lego waste disposal robots to ‘take out the trash’.

We spoke to some S2s who took part in the workshop.

‘Great toy, good for playing around with.’ Oliver


‘It’s awesome.’ Milly


‘We learnt lots about robotics and coding.’ Molly


‘Really fun, exciting and good to play with iPads.’ Liam

sam_0374 sam_0375

Sandwick’s Thoughts On The Presidential Election

The world was shocked when Donald J Trump became the president of America.

His main competitor against him was Hillary Clinton.  Trump won the presidential election 306 votes to 232 votes that Hillary Clinton won.

Donald Trump promised that he will help mend the divide between Americans, However, many people think he isn’t intelligent enough to run America and also he may be a racist.

We asked people around Sandwick Junior High School about how they felt about Donald Trump:

Grant, S1: Donald Trump is a neep.

Jacob, S3: It’s a good start for America.

Mr Jackson: Not a good thing for America, he is a liar but hopefully he has good people around him

Mrs Ramsay: Shocked by the result of the election but America wants different and we have to respect that. He doesn’t have the skills to run the country.

Mr Finlayson: Disappointed and angered by the result. America is stupid to let Trump win the election.

Day of Democracy as Pupil Council Elections Take Place

The Pupil Council Election took place on the 21st of September featuring primary four, five, six and seven to secondary one, two, three and four.

The Primary elections took place from 9 to 11:15 and secondary being 11 – 12:35

S1 Candidates: Caitlin Desvaux, Emma Burgess, Eva Jamieson and Callum Fraser.

S2 Candidates: Aimee Smith, Megan Brannan, Rebecca Kerr and Jude Donaldson.

S3 Candidates: Mike Laurenson, Leighton Anderson and Sonny Smith

S4 Candidates: Tai McGill, Kirsten Keay and Jasmin Smith

The results came out as s1; Emma Burgess and Callum Fraser

s2; Jude Donaldson and Megan Brannan

s3; Mike Laurenson and Sonny Smith

s4; Tai McGill, Kirsten Keay and Jasmin Smith

Our councillors came to support the event. Allison Duncan and George Smith.

Allison also had a brilliant pronunciation of Jude’s name. “Julie”, but Mr Johnston corrected it at the end.

We would like to thank the candidates that stood and the ones who were elected and not elected, and for making it a successful election. Also to the councillors for giving their time up to come to our election.

Gordon Gunn fiddle workshop

On Tuesday 20th September Gordon Gunn came to the school and did a fiddle work shop for 15 pupils in various secondary classes.

The fiddle pupils were taught a tune called The Montgomery Bell Waltz by Gordon Gunn.

After a short concert by Gordon Gunn on fiddle and Margaret Robertson on piano, the fiddlers then joined them and preformed the tune they had learnt.

Jasmin Smith who took part said: “the tune we learnt was pretty awesome”.


Football Competition

On the 8th of September, Sandwick School went to the Secondary football tournament at Clickimin where we came 2nd place while only conceding 3 goals.
The first game was the Brae game which finished 0-0 and was a very boring game. The second was against the Anderson. The game ended 1-0 to Anderson but we definitely deserved to win. The third game was against the North Isles. They got an early goal but we fought back and comfortably won 2-1. Fourth game was against Whalsay and we absolutely smashed them 5-0. The fifth game was against Aith and we hammered them 8-0. Then later on we played in the final against Anderson and we unfortunately lost 1-0 but Liam did save a penalty so that was good. The whole team would like to thank Mr Mcnicol for looking after us the whole day.

Netball Competition

On Thursday the ninth of September eight girls from Sandwick Secondary traveled up to Lerwick to take part in the Secondary Schools netball competition.

Rhea, Laura, Kirsten, Kira, Jasmine, Ruth, Aimee and Petra performed very well finishing in 3rd place.

Sandwick successfully managed to beat Yell, Brae A, Brae B and Lerwick B but unfortunately they were beaten by Whalsay and Lerwick A. Everyone played their best however they needed slight improvement on their defending.

All the girls said they enjoyed playing and said it was a fun day.

Quiet please!

Recently the area between the new media room and the library was made into a new quiet area. There are a few new couches and bookshelves in the new quiet area. It’s for people who want to have peace and quiet to read and relax at break and lunch times.sam_0331

Walking Club

Recently some pupils from primary have created a walking club; we interviewed Alec Sinclair, Connor Sinclair and Freya Rafferty to find out more.

It’s been up and running (um, I mean walking) for two weeks.

It takes place on Thursday afternoon during club time; they go for walks around Sandwick, to places such as Brooniestaing.

Freya said that it is fun and healthy and gets us out and about. Currently there are 12 people who take part.