Our Day of Action is nearly here!


Primary pupils are looking forward to our Day Of Action on Monday 15th May organised by the RSPB in conjunction with the P6/7 class and the Amenity Trust.  Natural habitats will be made for encouraging wildlife, as well as some natural play areas for the bairns.   All classes are invited to join in with the fun at some point during the day.  P6/7 will be involved most of the day along with volunteers.  Good luck!

Exciting plans are still afoot to use the donations raised by the Community Stars to develop the playground as well.  More information coming soon!


Eco Club and Community Stars Join Forces!

Today the Primary Eco Club and Community Stars joined forces to undertake a beach clean.  We walked to the nearby Cumlewick beach in the bright sunshine armed with rubber gloves and clean-up bags to gather any bruck that was safe to touch.  It was such a clean beach when we  got there but even cleaner when we left!

Thanks to all our parent helpers and Gus for coming along to help and to Mrs Anderson for organising the outing.  Also thanks to Sita from the Amenity Trust for supplying gloves and bags, and for joining us in the clean up.  Sita will be joining the Eco Club again next week for a follow-up activity.

Well done everyone!  It was reportedly the ‘best school trip ever!!!’


Shetland College Bridge Building Competition 2017

A team of four S3 pupils from Sandwick (Connor Edwards, Jamie Leishman, Kyle Lucock and Max Orr), were invited to take part in the event, which was sponsored by the Shetland Construction Training Group.

Every secondary school was represented at the competition with one team with the exception of Anderson, which was represented by two.

On the day the teams were given a printout illustrating the span to be bridged and location of test point. The teams were given just three and half hours to design/draw and build their bridge to scale. The bridge had to be drawn to scale to ensure fit and that the load carriage was supported at road level.  The team had to “purchase” materials for constructing the bridge, and using only a handsaw and a hot melt glue gun construct their bridge.

The bridges were load tested to destruction by lecturers, with maximum load carried recorded. The winning bridge was not necessarily the strongest bridge but the most cost effective – with the lowest price per kilogram winning.

Sandwick’s bridge carried the same weight as the winning bridge but cost slightly more. The Sandwick team returned home jubilant, mumbling under their breath that their bridge was still whole unlike the winner, carrying the trophy for the bonniest bridge!

Winning categories were:

  • Most efficient Cost / Load (winning team Brae with Sandwick second)
  • Bonniest bridge CITB Representative vote (winning team Sandwick)
  • Best teamwork CITB Ambassador vote