P1-P7 Pupil Voice

Today we took part in a P1 – P7 Pupil Voice activity.

We broke off into smaller cooperative groups and nominated a resource manager, time manager, encourager and scribe.  We then answered questions on school uniform, motto, logo and homework.

It’s great to have all 108 voices heard!

Celebrations Assembly

We had a Primary and Early Years Assembly today, and we had so much to celebrate!

There were lots of certificates for positive attitude, helping others and persevering. Fantastic work!

We also said a huge well done to three of our Primary 7 pupils who have been taking part in The Maths Challenge this year, along with Secondary pupils. They have made us very proud!

During the assembly, we celebrated our time with Mrs Williamson in P5/6. It has been such a pleasure to have her in school and we wish her all the very best for the future! We hope to see her again soon.


Hockey Festival

Ten P7 pupils from Sandwick, along with a group of P7s from Dunrossness and Cunningsburgh, spent today in Brae at the annual Hockey Festival.  The day is organised by Active Schools and is a great chance to mix with other pupils form across Shetland, while  having some fun developing hockey skills!

It was a brilliant day, the sun shone, the rain stayed off and our pupils demonstrated their great spirit, determination and super sportsmanship.  Well done to all involved, and to Mrs Smith for her continuous support!

Let’s Circus – Good Times for Happy People!

We had such a fantastic time with our visitors from Let’s Circus last week.  As well as providing amazing entertainment and laughs, it was great to hear about how the members have come from all across the world and have had so many different experiences!

Each member of the Let’s Circus group shared an important message about trying hard and following your dreams.  We really can achieve anything if we believe in ourselves and put our minds to it!  Remember that skill building takes time, and ask for help when you need it.  Most importantly, don’t give up!

Another brilliant part of hosting the group was the reminder from them of what a special place we live in.  The Sandwick, and Shetland, community is so strong and supportive.  It is an incredible place to be and we thank you all for making it that way!

Thank you, Let’s Circus, we can’t wait to see you next time!

Club time 4.05.17

The Community Stars worked so hard in Club Time today to put together a bird’s eye view of our school. We’ll use this on our RSPB Day of Action to show helpers where developments are planned. It’s not long now, we hope lots of you can join us on 15th May to make our school even more nature friendly!

Community Cafe – 4th May 2017


The next Community Cafe is on 4th May, 2 – 4pm in the Sandwick Junior High School Social Area.

Visitors include Citizens Advice Bureau and our MSP Tavish Scott.

Come along and have a cuppa!  Hope you can make it.

Top start bowls competition

Today 4 pupils from P7 took part in the Top Start Shetland Carpet Bowls Competition at Clickimin.

The Sandwick group won 3 of their games, lost one and drew one.  They had an excellent day and came 2nd in their group, Sound were first in the group and went on to win the tournament.

All of the pupils involved demonstrated excellent bowling skills and brilliant sportsmanship, they made all of their schools very proud!

The Sandwick Team!

The winning Sound Team.

The final!

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P7 John Muir Outdoor Education Day!

On the 23/3/17 the P7 class got a visit from Pete Richardson for their John Muir Outdoor Education Day. They used a Minibus and car to get to the Bressay ferry where they took a very quick journey across to Bressay with  Mrs Coghill and Pete.

When they arrived at the other end then they went to the bathroom and went over to where Pete was. Pete was handing out waterproofs but before you could get a jacket and trousers you had to tell him a bit of news and your name.

When we got to our starting point, over the back of Bressay, Pete asked P6/7 what they knew about John Muir.  He was really impressed with their facts about his life and could tell they had spent a bit of time learning about him.

When we got to the Geo  that Pete told us to find then we could look out and see Noss. Once Pete had gone over safety instructions and that (because we were near cliffs and high ledges ) then we carried on walking until we got to a fence. We had to try and get over the fence without leaning on it to much but about 5 people got over then we realised it would be easier to go over the style that was just further up the hill.

After the fence and style then we went rock scrambling, through the rocks then over and even under the rocks. There was two ledges with a little burn running between them and Josh,Ruby and Cheryl all fell in but Cheryl only got her feet wet.

At about 12:30 we had lunch in a lovely little clearing before we got the option to go to see Muckle Helia.

At the end of the day Pete asked us the question, “How does the wild make you feel on the inside?”  Some of the answers included,


“Like I can do anything!”

“Adrenalin filled”




“Unknown source of energy”


“Challenged and happy”

Eco Club and Community Stars Join Forces!

Today the Primary Eco Club and Community Stars joined forces to undertake a beach clean.  We walked to the nearby Cumlewick beach in the bright sunshine armed with rubber gloves and clean-up bags to gather any bruck that was safe to touch.  It was such a clean beach when we  got there but even cleaner when we left!

Thanks to all our parent helpers and Gus for coming along to help and to Mrs Anderson for organising the outing.  Also thanks to Sita from the Amenity Trust for supplying gloves and bags, and for joining us in the clean up.  Sita will be joining the Eco Club again next week for a follow-up activity.

Well done everyone!  It was reportedly the ‘best school trip ever!!!’


Shetland College Bridge Building Competition 2017

A team of four S3 pupils from Sandwick (Connor Edwards, Jamie Leishman, Kyle Lucock and Max Orr), were invited to take part in the event, which was sponsored by the Shetland Construction Training Group.

Every secondary school was represented at the competition with one team with the exception of Anderson, which was represented by two.

On the day the teams were given a printout illustrating the span to be bridged and location of test point. The teams were given just three and half hours to design/draw and build their bridge to scale. The bridge had to be drawn to scale to ensure fit and that the load carriage was supported at road level.  The team had to “purchase” materials for constructing the bridge, and using only a handsaw and a hot melt glue gun construct their bridge.

The bridges were load tested to destruction by lecturers, with maximum load carried recorded. The winning bridge was not necessarily the strongest bridge but the most cost effective – with the lowest price per kilogram winning.

Sandwick’s bridge carried the same weight as the winning bridge but cost slightly more. The Sandwick team returned home jubilant, mumbling under their breath that their bridge was still whole unlike the winner, carrying the trophy for the bonniest bridge!

Winning categories were:

  • Most efficient Cost / Load (winning team Brae with Sandwick second)
  • Bonniest bridge CITB Representative vote (winning team Sandwick)
  • Best teamwork CITB Ambassador vote