P7 John Muir Outdoor Education Day!

On the 23/3/17 the P7 class got a visit from Pete Richardson for their John Muir Outdoor Education Day. They used a Minibus and car to get to the Bressay ferry where they took a very quick journey across to Bressay with  Mrs Coghill and Pete.

When they arrived at the other end then they went to the bathroom and went over to where Pete was. Pete was handing out waterproofs but before you could get a jacket and trousers you had to tell him a bit of news and your name.

When we got to our starting point, over the back of Bressay, Pete asked P6/7 what they knew about John Muir.  He was really impressed with their facts about his life and could tell they had spent a bit of time learning about him.

When we got to the Geo  that Pete told us to find then we could look out and see Noss. Once Pete had gone over safety instructions and that (because we were near cliffs and high ledges ) then we carried on walking until we got to a fence. We had to try and get over the fence without leaning on it to much but about 5 people got over then we realised it would be easier to go over the style that was just further up the hill.

After the fence and style then we went rock scrambling, through the rocks then over and even under the rocks. There was two ledges with a little burn running between them and Josh,Ruby and Cheryl all fell in but Cheryl only got her feet wet.

At about 12:30 we had lunch in a lovely little clearing before we got the option to go to see Muckle Helia.

At the end of the day Pete asked us the question, “How does the wild make you feel on the inside?”  Some of the answers included,


“Like I can do anything!”

“Adrenalin filled”




“Unknown source of energy”


“Challenged and happy”

Camping Group

On Friday 17th March, the Sandwick JHS camping group camped at the school. We stayed after school and put the tents up and then started cooking while it was still light. We washed up afterwards. We planned our hike for the next day then went to the tents at about ten.

On Saturday we cooked and ate our breakfast and took down our tents. Then we went in the cars to go to the start of the walk at around eleven. We followed a burn up to Deepdale then to the Hamers for lunch. It was a really good walk. We used our maps and compasses to get there and on the way back we used leap-frogging. The S3s did a different route to us.                   Emily Black S2

S2 photo: Ethan Grogan, Adam Tait, Megan Brannan, Alice Bloomer, Zoe Rivett, Emily Black

S3 photo: Jacob Inkster, Max orr, Ben Johnston, Joe Fraser, Sarah Angus, Daisy Manson-Brodie, Eilidh Mouat, Nina Price

The S2 pupils were accompanied by Yolanda Bruce and Rab Bicket.


Eco Club and Community Stars Join Forces!

Today the Primary Eco Club and Community Stars joined forces to undertake a beach clean.  We walked to the nearby Cumlewick beach in the bright sunshine armed with rubber gloves and clean-up bags to gather any bruck that was safe to touch.  It was such a clean beach when we  got there but even cleaner when we left!

Thanks to all our parent helpers and Gus for coming along to help and to Mrs Anderson for organising the outing.  Also thanks to Sita from the Amenity Trust for supplying gloves and bags, and for joining us in the clean up.  Sita will be joining the Eco Club again next week for a follow-up activity.

Well done everyone!  It was reportedly the ‘best school trip ever!!!’