Eco Club and Community Stars Join Forces!

Today the Primary Eco Club and Community Stars joined forces to undertake a beach clean.  We walked to the nearby Cumlewick beach in the bright sunshine armed with rubber gloves and clean-up bags to gather any bruck that was safe to touch.  It was such a clean beach when we  got there but even cleaner when we left!

Thanks to all our parent helpers and Gus for coming along to help and to Mrs Anderson for organising the outing.  Also thanks to Sita from the Amenity Trust for supplying gloves and bags, and for joining us in the clean up.  Sita will be joining the Eco Club again next week for a follow-up activity.

Well done everyone!  It was reportedly the ‘best school trip ever!!!’


Eco Club – Compost and Bird Feeders

We had a fun Eco Club again today.  We set up the compost bins last week and went around the classes explaining what they were and what we wanted the pupils to do with the bins . Today was our first day collecting the new compost bins and transferring the contents to the main compost bin outside. The children were very glad to see some fruit, veg and teabags in the bins.  The highlight of club time today was getting to have a sneaky peak in the staff room when we went to collect the staff room compost bin.  It was very exciting. We also used the microwave in there to melt some lard.


After we had been out to the garden we went back to the class to see to our melted lard. We added bird seed to this an d gave it a good mix.  The pupils added the mixture to containers and left it to set, we will hang  these up around the school  to help the birds through the cold spell of weather.

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Eco Club


We had lots of fun at our first Eco Club this week. Gus came to tell us what kind of jobs he does to help the school to be more Eco-friendly. We went along to the canteen to pick up a tub of peelings that the canteen ladies collect every lunch time.


Gus takes this to the compost bin every day and we got to go along with him and see him tip it in. He also took us along to the greenhouse and showed us what is growing in there at the moment and explained some of the things that they have grown in the past . The group were particularly excited about the cherry tree. The boys came up with a good idea to start collecting peelings from the early years and primary. This will be our main focus for our club time next week.


Club Time

Today we had our first Club Time session of 2017.

We are Kaden and Sophie from P6/7 and we visited all of the Primary Clubs to see what they were doing and what types of skills they were developing.

The Film Club were getting their own account on and they were talking about star reviews of different films.

The Junk Model Challenge club were making a collage for a 3D animal.

In Chess Club, the group were learning how to set up the board properly and were making sure that they knew the rules.  They were going on to play games.

The Community Stars were talking about why they wanted to be in the club and what community means.  They made a mind map to show what community means, you can see this in one of the photos.

The Pupil Council were talking about the school day and how the timings might look if they change for primary as well as secondary.  This term, the Pupil Council Club has invited guest members to come along and try out being a part of the group.

The Eco Group were starting lap books to record their work and Gus was going to talk to them about the greenhouse and composting.

The Galley Building Club are starting to build and paint our SMUHA galley!

In the Arts and Crafts Club, the members made penny spinners and decorated them in any way, shape or form.

The Music and Movement Club were dancing, we enjoyed watching the Hokey Cokey!