Our Day of Action is nearly here!


Primary pupils are looking forward to our Day Of Action on Monday 15th May organised by the RSPB in conjunction with the P6/7 class and the Amenity Trust.  Natural habitats will be made for encouraging wildlife, as well as some natural play areas for the bairns.   All classes are invited to join in with the fun at some point during the day.  P6/7 will be involved most of the day along with volunteers.  Good luck!

Exciting plans are still afoot to use the donations raised by the Community Stars to develop the playground as well.  More information coming soon!


Club Time

Today we had our first Club Time session of 2017.

We are Kaden and Sophie from P6/7 and we visited all of the Primary Clubs to see what they were doing and what types of skills they were developing.

The Film Club were getting their own account on filmclub.org and they were talking about star reviews of different films.

The Junk Model Challenge club were making a collage for a 3D animal.

In Chess Club, the group were learning how to set up the board properly and were making sure that they knew the rules.  They were going on to play games.

The Community Stars were talking about why they wanted to be in the club and what community means.  They made a mind map to show what community means, you can see this in one of the photos.

The Pupil Council were talking about the school day and how the timings might look if they change for primary as well as secondary.  This term, the Pupil Council Club has invited guest members to come along and try out being a part of the group.

The Eco Group were starting lap books to record their work and Gus was going to talk to them about the greenhouse and composting.

The Galley Building Club are starting to build and paint our SMUHA galley!

In the Arts and Crafts Club, the members made penny spinners and decorated them in any way, shape or form.

The Music and Movement Club were dancing, we enjoyed watching the Hokey Cokey!