Friday’s Primary Club Time, which is open to families to take part in for Nurture Week, is now 13:50 – 14:40.

Children will come home today with slips to say what they have signed up for and parents are welcome to come along too.


Our maths challenge team went to the tropical paradise of Aberdeen to compete in the North East of Scotland maths challenge competition.

Our team was Jake Cormack, Shaun Joyce, Sam Smith and Bethany Redfern.

It was a competition from other schools across Aberdeen and in that area and Shetland.

Our maths challenge team came 10th out 18 teams.

A well done to our maths challenge team for making it to the Aberdeen stage.

Sandwick’s Royal Babies Born

In the early hours of Wednesday morning new life came to the ASN department in the form of Guinea pigs.

The school’s guinea pigs had three new babies which we have called Arrow, Be and Cinnamon.

The ASN staff are currently in the process of finding homes for the babies. Further updates to come as soon as we hear any news.

We wish the babies all the best as the grow into mature, young adults


Next week (Monday May 14th – Friday May 18th) is Sandwick Junior High School’s first ever Nurture Week.

This week  will focus on the six principles of nurture:


The week will feature a packed programme of events. Sessions will be offered on crafts, mindfulness, bread making and a variety of physical activities including netball, football, high intensity training and ultimate frisbee.

The school’s Tent-Teepee will be on hand all week for use as an outdoor classroom. Visitors to the school will include Bambeenies, Cunningsburgh History Group and a range of charities.

Parents are being offered the chance to be part of Nurture Week, with numerous opportunities to come and join in with various sessions, and to be part of Primary Club Time and Secondary Wider Achievement Time.



This week S2 got a visit from Scottish author Doug Johnstone.

He did different workshops such as asking to write about our first day at school but with a lie in it and everybody else had to guess that lie.

He asked us write about different emotions but don’t tell anybody what that emotion was.

Eva in 2B said it was “very interesting and inspiring.”

Thanks to Doug for coming all the way to Sandwick to see us.


One of our Secondary pupils has valiantly put themselves forward as a candidate for the Member of Scottish Youth Parliament elections.

Leighton Anderson aims to improve many aspects of life for young people in Shetland and all over the country. We went to go to speak to him about the challenge he is putting himself up for.

Q. What do you hope do achieve if elected?

A. I hope to make sure young people are not negatively affected by Brexit and hopes that there are still good education opportunities and that you can still study abroad.

Q. What excites you about this chance?

A. Being able to get involved in politics and it is a great pathway to want I ultimately want to do – becoming a politician.

Q. Why should we vote for you?

A. I believe that I can improve lots of things for the young people in Shetland, for example, I would try to get the ferry voucher age to include 18-21 year olds so students at university have means of getting home for holidays.

We wish Leighton all the best as he pursues this.



The school has gotten four new guinea pigs called Panda, Splodge, Mouse, Charcoal.

The guinea pigs have attracted a lot of visitors to the ASN department. They are now getting even more attention than the three slightly older guinea pigs who were born last week.

All of the guinea pigs are getting sold and they all have owners lined up.

They are being sold to cover the cost of their father getting neutered and all the guinea pigs are doing really well.

What a Load o Rubbish


On Tuesday the 1st of May s1 and p5 did the Voar Redd Up, they went past the old school then around the bake shop and up the main road.

S2 went around the school with P2 and P3 on Monday morning.

They were extremely energetic and dedicated.

Well done to all who took part. Keep your community tidy!


This is a reminder that exams have just started (May 2nd) and will continue throughout May.

This is just to remind you to stay quiet in school as S4s are revising and their exams are taking place.

5 Study Tips

  1. Plan your days
  2. Take breaks
  3. Review your work
  4. Stay motivated
  5. Study every day

Trip for P1, 2 and 3

Primary  1, 2 and 3 went on a trip yesterday to Jarlshof and the Bigton play park.

They thought the best things about the trip were climbing through the tunnels at Jarlshof and the roundabout at the play park, and they enjoyed the bus.

They learned about the Vikings, Viking houses and the Viking graves.

An amazing 13 parent helpers came on the trip! Thanks to all of them.