Road to Ronas Hill

On Tuesday 12th of June, S2B headed to Ronas Hill to climb to the summit. The whole class, plus Mrs Inkster were going on the John Muir trip for the first time.

It took around an hour to get to the base of the hill. They were climbing up a hill nearby Ronas first then scaling the main stretch.

The class took it in strides, going from cairn to cairn, led by the guide who gave snippets of information along the way. One place they visited was the Giant’s Fist, a six-fingered rock hand, where they were told the tale of Bendonna, a giant who warred with Finn McCool and was defeated by him.

Before reaching the summit, the secondaries had lunch at a lunchtime lochan, before continuing to the trigonometry point at the top. They wrote their names in a book left there by an unnamed person to show that they had been there and headed down, using contouring to save effort.

The following day 2A had the pleasure of doing the exact same trek with Mr Finlayson.

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