Last week saw the yearly Secondary activity days. We spoke to a few pupils about their experiences.

On the Mousa Trip we walked to the boat and we were on the boat for 15 to 20 minutes. It was quite rough. When we got to Mousa we walked to the broch and had some food. When we finished we followed the path, we got attacked by tirricks and then we got to the beach and skimmed stones we got the boat home. Everyone had a great time. (Fraser Leslie, S3)

In the robotics workshop we built robots using the Lego mindstorms sets. First we built the basic model that came with the box and programmed it to drive around a track. We then went on to creating our own designs and tested them off-road in the school field. After that we built new robots to fight each other. (Luke Dutch, S4)

The day camp was a day where we went to St Ninian’s Isle. We got there and put up a tent. After that we walked around the island and went to the shop. I got BBQ Pringles, Fruit pastels and coke. When we got back from the shop we had BBQ. After 30 minutes we went in the sea and swam around. Then got on the beach and a bon fire we warmed up. We played with a frisbee and left for home. (Adam Tait, S4)

Other activities included kayaking, art activities, breadmaking and outdoor education.

Many thanks to all the people who helped to make activities such a success.

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