All About… Nursing!

Yesterday we had a visit from Merran, a Community Nurse, who came in to show us how what we’ve been learning about the human body can be used in the world of work.

She told us all about the different types of nursing: community, adult, child, school etc and the different jobs that they do. We spoke about some of the different jobs in the NHS – a lots of us know people who do some very interesting things! She told us how to train to be a nurse and about the different things we’d need to work on to get into the training. There were a couple of us who thought it might be what we’d like to do!

The best bit was when Merran gave us a shot of some different machines! We used gel and an ultrasound machine to listen to our pulse, another to measure our pulse and the oxygen in our bodies and finally stethoscopes which helped us listen to our lungs as we took deep breaths!

We had a great time and learned lots – thank you, Merran!

Investigating Eyes

We were lent a super kit by iCare Shetland which has helped us learn lots about eyes. We got to try out the different equipment and found out all about how the eye works.

We Love Experiments

Primary 5-7 have enjoyed taking part in lots of different experiments over the past couple of weeks as part of our Human Body topic. We have been learning to write lab reports at the same time and have found ourselves to be excellent scientists!

We took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Taste experiment to find out about taste buds. We found that everyone has a different number of taste buds which determines whether we are tasters, non-tasters or supertasters!

We also did another experiment to find out about how exercise affects our heart rate. We had to come up with a hypothesis before testing it out to see what happens. The more vigorous the exercise, the higher our heart rate. Some of us found it quite tricky to keep up with how fast our hearts were going!

Our Experiment – Lungs

We did an experiment to find out our lung capacity. We had to get a long pipe, a milk bottles, lots of water and a big bucket. We blew into the pipe which showed how much air we had in our lungs. Alice had the most – 1800ml! It was fun and interesting!

By Haydn, Liam, Alisers and Finn


Cracker Experiment


Eating crackers are impossibly hard to eat without water because the saliva in your mouth can’t produce quickly enough to swallow. So,¬†you’re left with crumbs in your mouth!


Digestive System Experiment

Today we did an experiment on the digestive system!

First, we added banana and cornflakes into a bowl which represented our mouth,

Next we added water which represents saliva which contains enzymes which help to digest our food.

Next we added the mixture to our sandwich bag which represented our oesophagus  and added coloured water which represented different enzymes.

Then the mixtures was pushed by muscles into our stomach and churned around.

Then it went into our small intestine (which is actually the longer one!) and water and nutrients were absorbed into the bloodstream (the bowl.) Next, it went to the large intestine and excess water was removed.

Finally, the waste product was pushed out into the bowl – look at our faces!

By Megan, Alisers, Sophie, Alice, Liam, Haydn and Eldars.

Making the most of the sunshine

What a beautiful day it has been today! P5-7 made the most of the lovely weather and practised their spelling words outside.

Egg Experiment

Yesterday Silvia, Mumbo, Johnny and Lulu went for a cycle. Lulu was not wearing a helmet properly so she craced her head open!. Silvia didn’t survive either. The shock went straight into the middle of egg and she cracked! Mumbo and Johnny survived because they had enough layers and Mumbo had tentacles to take the shock.

In this experiment we were learning about how fragile the skull can be. It can be hard enough to survive accidents if protected. This is why we should wear a helmet!

We have been learning about the skeleton. There are three functions. These are to keep you upright, make you move and protect your organs.

by Alice and Sophie

Times Table Challenge


We all enjoyed learning a new times table game this week – using arrays. We worked well with our partners – maths is fun!

Well done JRSOs

Well done to our Junior Road Safety Officers – Megan, Eldars and Alisers who have worked hard to promote road safety in our school this year.

They attended a ceremony at the town hall in Lerwick on Tuesday where they presented their work using a Sway presentation and were presented with certificates and goody bags.

Well done, Primary 6.