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Team Noosc does Da Voar Redd Up

Team Noosc worked very hard on the 28th April!! After a hard day working at school, they came to Noosc, had snack and headed for the shore in waterproofs, wellies and high viz. Well done guys, we are proud of you all for joining in.

Look at all this rubbish we collected!!!
Team Noosc working hard at clearing the shore.
Lucille counting our bags. We filled 10 bags in 50 minutes.
Well done Team NOOSC, you all worked hard and I am proud of you all.
Our very own Mrs Sunshine stopping for a quick pic before getting stuck in and filling bags again!!

Hello from NOOSC

Hello Everyone,

I look forward to welcoming all our regulars and hopefully some new faces back after the holidays. I am busy getting the setting ready for you all returning.

I have set up a Noosc pupils page on Teams and added our regulars to the page, could you all please check you are on and say hello 🙂 ?  Any questions you have can be asked on the page.

See you all soon.

Climbing in the Forest.

Our little Nooskers had super fun in the forest. Playing hide and seek and climbing trees. What a lovely day it was.

Lucille, Honey and Honor climbing the trees 🙂

Can anyone see Elijah?

The girls loving being in the trees. Is Alec in the trees?

Honor being brave and climbing high!!

Noosc Plea

Our little Noosc Enterprisers are needing your help!

Please can everyone keep their plastic 1 litre juice bottles for an exciting fundraiser we are planning.

More details to follow……..

Noosc Enterprise Team (NET)