Week 4 at NOOSC

What a busy week we have a had…


Hello, Noosc has been really busy this week. The children have done lots of fun things.

We played with Playdoh and want to make our own to take home.

We practiced making a sensory bottle, it worked a bit but we need to add glycerin in to make the glitter float better. If everyone brings in a bottle, we can make our own sensory bottles here at NOOSC.

We had fun chasing bubbles around the garden and have a Pogo stick master with a GRAND SCORE of 63 on it so far. AMAZING!!

We had fun playing in the forest while we looked for leaves. We plan to make an Autumn poster to display in NOOSC and some of the children want to try leaf printing with paint. We found lots of lovely leaves.

We have had some imaginary pony play in the garden with a pony assault course made by the children too, lots of NEIGHING was going on and it was lovely to hear the ideas they all had.

A peerie mootie slug was also found and taken home to be looked after. I think it will be set free after a few nights.

The children also had fun with air drying clay, they made many different things with this and had lots of fun.

We finished the week with a movie since it was wet outside.

Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend and see you all next week.


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