Day 9 of Summer Club & Marion has a BIG Birthday!!

Today has been super busy.


Marion turned 70, she had a super day at Noosc. We had cake and a peerie party for her.

We played on our new slide, painted our feet and made a start to a wall banner. We are all a bit tired after our busy day.


A cake for a special lady

Marion’s new walking aid!!

we had fun painting feet and making footprints.

We started our summer wall banner

We got a new slide
Having Fun on our new slide!!

It is great fun.....

We made Anna & Marion and banner because “they are the best”, quote from Jade.

Our wall banner coming along nicely

Lots of giggles today

Lots of giggles today.

The birthday lady!! A peerie party

We had a little party for Marion turning 70, Elle, Abi, Ryan and Ruby popped along and so did Emma & John and we saw Brenda, Leona and Leva too. I think Marion has had a good day, even though she had to work on her birthday.

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