Beach Clean at Spiggie

Noosc Beach Clean through the Community Council.

Today we did a beach clean at Spiggie Beach, Thank you so much to all the children and parents who came to help today. We are so grateful to you all.

The weather was beautiful and the beach was lovely and clean. We did manage to fill a few bags. What a super way to raise some funds for Noosc.


Noosc Summer Club day 12

Today is the final day of Summer Club…..

…….and what a fun day too, the sun has been out, we had a water fight, a paddling pool and a slide. We also toasted marshmallows and everyone enjoyed eating them.  Everyone got really wet but we were all really happy. After we got all dried up, we had a a BBQ and it was great…..


Great action shots today……

Noosc Summer Club day 11

Today was a stay at Noosc day…

Today we stayed around Noosc and had good fun. We got new water play resources and had fun. We also had some ‘chill’ out time and a walk to the shop. At the shop we bought food for our BBQ we are having on our last day.

Playing with the poppit game

Playing poppit
Trying make the water flow with our new resources
It worked great, we love our new water play.



We found a dead bumblebee, it made us feel sad.

Day 10 of Summer Club


Today we had a trip to the cinema to see Croods 2. I think everyone enjoyed the film. We had a picnic lunch outside Mareel and then got the bus back home. The children have great imaginations and played out some of the film scenes back at Noosc in the afternoon


On the bus to town

Happy siblings

In the cinema waiting on Croods 2 to start

Everyone was making a funny face.

Day 9 of Summer Club & Marion has a BIG Birthday!!

Today has been super busy.


Marion turned 70, she had a super day at Noosc. We had cake and a peerie party for her.

We played on our new slide, painted our feet and made a start to a wall banner. We are all a bit tired after our busy day.


A cake for a special lady

Marion’s new walking aid!!

we had fun painting feet and making footprints.

We started our summer wall banner

We got a new slide
Having Fun on our new slide!!

It is great fun.....

We made Anna & Marion and banner because “they are the best”, quote from Jade.

Our wall banner coming along nicely

Lots of giggles today

Lots of giggles today.

The birthday lady!! A peerie party

We had a little party for Marion turning 70, Elle, Abi, Ryan and Ruby popped along and so did Emma & John and we saw Brenda, Leona and Leva too. I think Marion has had a good day, even though she had to work on her birthday.