Day 4 of Summer Club

Today we got the bus to Sumburgh Hotel and walked the coast all the way to the lighthouse. We had snacks in the cafe and then waked the road back to the Sumburgh Hotel. We walked nearly 10 thousand steps today so when we got back to Noosc, we watched a movie to rest and chill for a while. We had some popcorn too.

Waiting on the bus.
Looking at the chicks in the wall.
Heading up the coast. The views were lovely.
We went over stiles.
Say cheese please….
Looking through the window.
I can see you…
Hi everyone!
We saw birds in the wall.
We done the Puffin/Tammie Norrie hunt.
we had 8 to find and each number had a letter on it to spell a word.


Say cheese 🙂

Looking over the wall.

Climbing up the Orca

Wild lunching at the bus stop.
We watched a film to relax
It was called Luca
It was on Disney, we all enjoyed it.

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