Day 3 of Summer Club

Today we have done lots, we made a musical show, we had Hot Rolls for lunch and we walked nearly 4 miles around Fleck and Boddam. Our little legs done really well.

We are so proud of how ourselves for doing such a big walk and Anna & Marion are proud of us too.

2 of our girls put on a show today 🙂
They played us a peerei tune they made up……
The audience enjoyed it.

We had Hot rolls. Some had sassermaet
Some had bacon or pork sausage.
Some had egg
Everyone enjoyed their buns at noosc.
We went for a walk round Boddam AND Fleck….
We spoke to the ponies.
They were friendly.
We saw peerie fish in the burn at Boddam.
They swam fast…..
We found buttercups and checked to see who liked butter.
Some weren’t so keen on butter…..
while others loved butter….


Jumping up and down.
We have all had fun today. We walked nearly 4 miles all together.

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