Day 8 at Summer Club

Today has been BUSY!!!!

We finished our lego village, doesn’t it look awesome?

We have been junk modelling, painting, making perfume and bath bombs, playing outside and inside and Marshall from Paw Patrol made an appearance too. We had pancakes for snack and they were yummy!!

To end the day we had soft play outside and it was fun.

We are all very tired but happy.


Day 7 at Summer Club

Today we went to Aa Fired Up

In the morning we played Blokus and had snack at Noosc.

We then got the bust to town and went to Aa Fired up and done some painting. When we finished we went to the Play Park and had our lunch then a play. It was super fun. We walked back to the Street and went to the shop and bought a sweetie with our money and then we got the bus back to Noosc.

We had some outdoor play when we got back.

Everyone said they had a good day.


Day 6 at Summer Club

Today we went Rock-pooling. We walked down past the croft house and had lots of fun looking in the pools. We also played pooh sticks at the bridge. They got stuck under the bridge because there wasn’t enough water in the burn. We watched them try to move.

We found red spiders, shells, limpets and baby crabs. Next time we go, we will take our packed lunches and eat them at the shore.




Day 5 of Summer Club

Today we had busy day!!

We had cupcakes with chocolate or vanilla icing (some had both). We painted pictures, some for the wall and some to take home. We made oobleck and had lots of messy play with this. Is it liquid or is it solid……..? We also went for a walk round the Voe and it was very warm. To end the day we played with lego and air drying putting. We all had fun today.



Day 4 of Summer Club

Today we got the bus to Sumburgh Hotel and walked the coast all the way to the lighthouse. We had snacks in the cafe and then waked the road back to the Sumburgh Hotel. We walked nearly 10 thousand steps today so when we got back to Noosc, we watched a movie to rest and chill for a while. We had some popcorn too.

Waiting on the bus.
Looking at the chicks in the wall.
Heading up the coast. The views were lovely.
We went over stiles.
Say cheese please….
Looking through the window.
I can see you…
Hi everyone!
We saw birds in the wall.
We done the Puffin/Tammie Norrie hunt.
we had 8 to find and each number had a letter on it to spell a word.


Say cheese 🙂

Looking over the wall.

Climbing up the Orca

Wild lunching at the bus stop.
We watched a film to relax
It was called Luca
It was on Disney, we all enjoyed it.

Day 3 of Summer Club

Today we have done lots, we made a musical show, we had Hot Rolls for lunch and we walked nearly 4 miles around Fleck and Boddam. Our little legs done really well.

We are so proud of how ourselves for doing such a big walk and Anna & Marion are proud of us too.

2 of our girls put on a show today 🙂
They played us a peerei tune they made up……
The audience enjoyed it.

We had Hot rolls. Some had sassermaet
Some had bacon or pork sausage.
Some had egg
Everyone enjoyed their buns at noosc.
We went for a walk round Boddam AND Fleck….
We spoke to the ponies.
They were friendly.
We saw peerie fish in the burn at Boddam.
They swam fast…..
We found buttercups and checked to see who liked butter.
Some weren’t so keen on butter…..
while others loved butter….


Jumping up and down.
We have all had fun today. We walked nearly 4 miles all together.

Day 2 and it is super SUNNY

Day 2 of summer club and what a day we have had. The children have enjoyed a lovely sunny day with a walk round boddam and a play at the park. We finished the day off with a trip to the shop for an ice cream to cool us down.  No photo’s of the ice cream. Had to be eaten before it melted.

Happy Snackers.
Snack time
More Happy Snackers.
All set for a walk
Heading to the park the looonnnnggg way round.
Heading up the hill...
Good going up past Boddam.

Smelling the flowers

Smelling the flowers

Picking the flowers

Picking the flowers..

Wearing the flowers

Wearing the flowers...

Wearing the flowers again…

Tasting the flowers....

Tasting the flowers…

A hat of flowers

Can you spot the flowers in among those curls?

A handful of flowers

A handful of flowers…

We made it to the park….







Fun on the slide

We spotted a fuuny flower
Mrs Mainland thought this was a caterpillar on top but it wasn’t…..