Scottish Government Out of School Care in Scotland Consultation 2019 – Your Views Matter

The Scottish Government draft framework on Out of School Care sets out what we know about the out of school care sector in Scotland and asks questions about what the Scottish Government can do to support families in accessing high quality, flexible and affordable services which benefit children and parents and carers.

“We want future policies on Out of School Care to be shaped by the people who would benefit from them. We want to understand what children, parents and carers, professionals and experts think about the ways in which Out of School Care can give children opportunities to play and access life-enhancing experiences and support parents to work, train or study.”

Follow the link below to read the Draft Framework, copies are also available at NOOSC.

There are two broad things the Scottish Government would like to find out from parent and carers.

  • What sort of out of school activities do families want / need?
  • How can we make out of school care accessible to all families and children?


Follow the link below to take part in the consultation online, future policies on Out Of School Care need to be shaped by the people who will benefit from them. Which is why it is crucial that parent and carers voices are heard. The consultation closes on 6th Dec, there are 18 questions you can choose the ones you want to answer.

For more information contact NOOSC or look online at the link above.

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