Our School

Our School

The Curriculum:
Although our school is quite small, with only two pupils, we follow the same curriculum as any other school in Scotland. We receive specialist PE, Art, Library Skills & Music teaching from teachers at Baltasound Junior High School each week. As well as the academic benefits of this arrangement, we also get to socialise with a wider friendship group. This is vital in a school with only 2 children. We also have a Early Learning & Childcare facility (otherwise known as a Nursery department), which should re-open when there is a child of eligible age. Currently ELC is available to children between the ages of 3 and 5.

From the Archive:
In 2007 the pupils wrote their own diaries of what a day out in Unst entails. Click here to find out what their views were.
The pupils also compiled their own diaries of what happened in a two hour section of a normal(!) school day. Please click here to view them. These were also written in 2007.

The Staff:
Our shared Head Teacher is Paul Thomson, who is also theĀ  Head of Baltasound Junior High School in Unst.

Mr Paul Gill is the Principal Teacher, based in Fetlar.


6 Replies to “Our School”

  1. Hello Fetlar Primary School.
    This is Joe and Jamie’s class writing to you. Joe and Jamie used to got to your school. We are learning about Scotland as our topic and were looking at photos of Fetlar to compare the landscape to our own in Dalry, Castle Douglas. We would love to speak to you more.
    From P3,4,5 and Mrs Devlin (Dalry Primary)

  2. Hi everyone in P3,4,5!
    We would love to speak to you, if you want to ask any questions about Fetlar, just ask!

    Imogen, Aaron and Darcy

  3. Apologies for the delay I’ve been away and am the maternity leave cover for the normal teacher. She may be Katy Hay and can be contacted on Facebook under KtHay. Hope this helps

  4. I’m a retired teacher with physical limitations. I explore the world through the internet. One afternoon I found your school. I thought it would be fun to share something I enjoy, model trains. Of course, you know that the railroad was invented in the UK. The navvies who built the lines were often Scots Trains brought the wonders of the industrial revolution to common folk like us. They permitted us to travel further than the kings of history. I hope you enjoy them. Your distant friend, the Train Man.

  5. Dear Mr Potter,

    Thank you so much for your gifts!
    We really enjoyed playing with it and its been really great!

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