Graduation! (Goodbye P7 boys!)

On 03/07/19 we had a graduation ceremony! The 2 people who are leaving are Aaron Painter (Me) and Jack Sumner! There were 3 videos and 2 power points. When we had done 1 of the power points and the 3 videos we did a mini graduation ceremony (Mr Thompson gave out some certificates to Me, Darcy and Jack and then gifts for the Anderson to me and Jack. ) After that we watched a load of Edinburgh Trip photo’s in a slide show! My favorite gift was a shirt he gave us that had somebody jumping into water. (Our school badge with a stick man on it.) -Aaron P7

My favorite item that I got was the alarm clock so that we can get to school on time.-Jack P7

It was a really good Graduation ceremony!

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  1. I was hearing all about it from Mrs Gibb! Congratulations 😀
    Hope you all have a super summer 🙂

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