We hope you like the new image on our P4/5/6 Blog page!  What a motley crew we are!  We had a great time celebrating Halloween in class.  We made toilet roll tube characters, wrote spooky story starters, created a pastel crayon bat picture, enjoyed a special Halloween themed lunch in the canteen and took part in a co-ordinates Trick or Trick game in the afternoon.

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Last day of term!

We have had a super last day of term!  Here’s what P4/5/6 have been kept busy with!

First thing, we all did a Double Doodle Soft Start activity.  Double Doodling is a great way to be creative, relax and stay in the present moment, only concentrating on where you want to guide your two pens.  You draw with a pen in each hand and use them simultaneously.  What one pen draws, the other mirrors.  This activity is a fantastic way to engage both sides of the brain so is particularly useful before written or reading tasks.  Why not watch the clip in the link and try this at home too!


Once our brains were active, we continued to write our National Poetry Day poems.  We are still typing these up but hope to share them with you soon.  Here are some starting lines to whet your appetite!

If music had the power to heal the world I would … play the piano and the piano should give the world hope.  (Scott)

If music had the power to heal the world I would play every note, sing every song.
Think of the words to nature’s tune. (Georgia)

Every time a note is struck on an acoustic guitar,
A bit of litter is replaced with sand, so fine and smooth.  (Ruben)

We were in for a musical treat after break when Joy came to do drumming with us.  We even managed a dance outside as we moved and drummed to a Swahili song.

The afternoon saw us reflecting on what we’d enjoyed about Term 1 and what we need to keep working on next term.

Then we got the oil pastels out and created a moonlit sky background ready for a Halloween picture first week back.

It’s been a pleasure spending this term with you all!  Have a wonderful holiday!

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We have been so lucky with the sunny weather this week!  It was lovely to see everyone having fun with friends at playtime.

Hopefully we can continue to enjoy bright, sunny days after the October holidays too!



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It was just too nice to work indoors!

On Monday we had a “Time Scavenger Hunt” for our Maths session.  Some helpers hid various time cards around the playground for others to find.  Everyone had to work out  the time shown on their sheets and look for the matching time in the playground.

On each time card was a letter.  When all of the letters were found, we were able to work out the secret message!


On Tuesday it was so sunny and warm outside our classroom that some of the children wanted to work outside on their multiplication problems.


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For 6 weeks this term, P6 have been learning about how to stay safe when cycling out on the roads.  On Monday this week, they had their final session.   They have all done so well!

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Climate Change in a Bottle

This week we have been trying to recreate what is happening to our planet….in a bottle!

We measured out some vinegar and added a thermometer to two bottles of the same size.  Both bottles had a balloon fixed to the top, but to one balloon we added some bicarbonate of soda first.  When emptied into the bottle, it with the vinegar, giving off carbon dioxide, which is one of the gases causing harm to our planet.  This is contributing to Climate Change.   Both bottles were set on the window sill to catch the heat from the sun.

Some pupils predicted that the temperature would rise, some said it would fall and some thought there would be no change!

It was very exciting seeing the carbon dioxide inflating the balloon!

We took the temperature of each bottle before the experiment began and again after 1 minute to see if there was a change in temperature.  We read the temperature again after 10 minutes and again 24 hours later.  We are leaving the experiment out for a week to see what happens.

We’ll let you know the results of our experiment next week!

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Time to get outdoors!

We grabbed our chalk and headed outdoors last week to show what we had been learning about telling the time!

Some helpers drew clock shapes on the playground ready for our task.  Each person gave their partner a “time” to draw on the clock face.  These varied from o’clock/half past/quarter past,/quarter times to minutes past/to the hour.  We also wrote a digital time to match, sometimes including a 24 hour clock too!

Some pupils gave their partner challenges to find things like 27 minutes after a given time.  This took a bit more thinking!

Keep having fun showing time when you are out and about P4/5/6.  Perhaps you can make a clock on the beach next time!

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During P6 Bikeability time on Monday afternoons, P4/5 have been busy working in small groups to create their own animations.  The plan was to create an animation to help children in the school learn something that they might find tricky.

Our groups are making animations showing alphabetical order, 3 Times Table, Tricky Words and Telling the Time.

We have a couple of weeks left to tweak our animations and then hopefully we can share them with you!

Some people chose to use words and pictures in their animations…

Some groups chose to use items in the classroom to make their animations…

We can’t wait to see the finished products!

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Thursday 16th September – Our Day

What have we done today?  It’s been a busy day with lots going on!

First the class went to see Mrs Inkster for their Music class.  They have been working on, “Wonderland Tea Party Rhythms.”  This has involved them using different phrases to help them clap out the rhythms.  Then they saw how these rhythms looked in musical notation.

Grammar was waiting for them on their return!  Different groups were looking at different aspects of grammar… speech marks, homophones using dictionary work and proper adjectives.

We took advantage of the nice weather to go outside to measure larger areas in metres and centimetres.  We found keeping count of the whole metres the hardest part when measuring the length of the multi court!  Tomorrow, we will try using the trundle wheel some more and we’ll look at the different ways these measurements can be recorded.

The afternoon saw us quietly reading…always a relaxing, enjoyable time!  Then we wrote out our, “Diamond 9 Skills for Teamwork,”ideas.  We worked on these last week, deciding in small groups, which skills we thought were most important when working together.  See the photos below.

Lastly, some pupils went through to Mrs Inkster to let her hear their voices ahead of choir starting up again.  She was very impressed!

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