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3 Little Pigs

We have been looking at the Fairytale, “The three little pigs” this week.

img_1407 img_1440 img_1393 img_1394

img_1404img_1395 img_1361 img_1360img_1389

We have also been learning a new letter this week..

img_1435 img_1365 img_1362img_1374

We got a visit from Book Bug!


We had a look at our beans and how they were getting on. We then planted them into pots!


img_1430 img_1447 img_1446 img_1424


We took some snow inside and adding things to it and changing the colour!

We spoke about what snow is, what happens to snow in different temperatures/weather and what it feels like!

img_1462 img_1464 img_1466 img_1467 img_1472


We then went outside and explored the school grounds!

We went sledging, played games, looked at the birds, story telling and made snow angels!

img_1475 img_1478 img_1481 img_1485 img_1486 img_1490 img_1493 img_1505 img_1506 img_1512 img_1519 img_1520 img_1525 img_1527 img_1528 img_1531 img_1532 img_1534 img_1541


We traced our letters we have been learning in the snow too!

img_1494 img_1495 img_1496 img_1497 img_1498 img_1499 img_1500




We love that Joy plays the drums for us while we dance back to Nursery!

Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

This week we have been looking at Goldilocks and the 3 Bears!

We retold the story through puppets.



We made our very own puppets.
img_2477 img_1359 img_1358







We made our own porridge in the messy play and Miss Handley ended up wearing most of it! Oops!




















We had music with Mrs Morrison!


img_0400 img_0397


We looked at the letter S.

img_1289 img_1356 img_1357

We went out into the forest to play too!

img_1353 img_1329 img_1355 img_1344 img_1341 img_1337


Campfire Stories and Igloo Tales

More Jack and the Beanstalk fun!

img_1266 img_1262 img_1247 img_1148 img_1179 img_1191



We played the magic shoe game and have also been working on our ball skills in P.E this week.

img_0211 img_0227 img_0242 img_0312 img_0310 img_0377 img_0375 img_0300 img_0311


We also decided to plant our own beans and see if they grow into a beanstalk!


img_1165 img_1168 img_1166

We have also been playing in our igloo and sensory tent with fibre optic lights! We have been telling campfire stories!

img_1241 img_1242 img_1150 img_1260


Jack and The Beanstalk

We have been making delicious banana bread!

img_0128 img_0136

We have been counting jacks magic beans

img_1070 img_0133

We have been playing Jack and the beanstalk puppets, in the foam and built our own beanstalk!

img_1092 img_1087 img_1079

We have been using different pencil grips to see which ones feel best and that we can write best with!

img_1097 img_1094

We have been having feasts in our castle.


We have been printing letters, and writing numbers onto our collage leaves for the giant beanstalk and adding bits to our castle!



We have also been retelling the story and making our own versions of jack and the beanstalk with these story stones!


Doctor Doctor

Miss Handley has been poorly and the afternoon nursery have been figuring out what’s wrong.

The doctors have been taking temperatures, giving medicine, hot drinks, blankets and ice drinks. We even phoned the ambulance at one point!

Now we have got lots of sick doctors!

“Don’t ¬†worry ill save you with my carrot medicine!”

img_2423 img_2425 img_2427