Halloween fun

We had a spooktacular time at Nursery for Halloween.  Everyone was so excited to be back with lots of catching up to do with friends they’d missed over the October holidays!

We chose jelly-baff to hide some spooky creatures in.  Connal and Magnus talked about the consistency of the jelly-baff and used different words to describe it.  They worked together to achieve the consistency they wanted.  “It’s squidgy”, “”It’s sticky”, “It’s too thick and gloopy”, “It’s too runny”.

We had a Potion Making station with lots of ingredients teh children found outside and in the kitchen.  The bairns used droppers and squirty bottles to add just the right amount of mixture to their potion.

We made faces and geoboards on our pumpkins.  The bairns explored different tools and nails to see which ones were best for their creation.





We went to our forest and gathered items to make broomsticks.  We found plenty of sticks and twigs in teh forest and had lots of space to fly around the playground


Outdoor play is always our favourite…building ramps, making music, bikes and scooters!

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