We’re Back!

We are all so excited to be back at Nursery and welcome all the new boys and girls to Nursery for their first week.  Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to…..

…..we love being creative with paint and loose parts..

…it’s great having a tea party.  The smell of coffee and tea in the nursery has been delicious!..

…everyone likes to have a turn helping with snack and it’s great when the older bairns help our new starts to learn all the different jobs we do….

…..we continue our learning outside everyday.  This week we’ve been pedalling, sharing, building, balancing, making music with different objects and the most fun playing in the rain!  Puddles are great and when the rain stopped we added more water to make more puddles and continue our play.

One thought on “We’re Back!”

  1. I am so happy to see you all having such a good time in nursery. What a lot of learning you have been doing! It was a good idea to add more water to make sure you had puddles to play in.

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