Stay and Play Gardening Day

We had so much fun with parents, friends and family on our last Stay and Play day that we decided to have an outdoor Stay and Play day too.

The bairns have been really interested in developing their outdoor play environments and had some great ideas, so we thought it would be great to get parents involved in our journey to creating more outdoor play areas.  We were also very grateful of all the gardening and joinery skills that the parents brought with them!

We are so excited to start growing things in our new planter, which allows us to watch the roots grow and the worms play. Sydney and his Dad and Anri and her sister, helped us to fill it up.

Wow – we’ve been busy.  So many seeds planted to decorate our playground.  The bairns also chose to grow some lettuce, rocket and herbs for us to try at snack time and share with the rest of the school.

“I wonder which herb will be the best?” (Maximus)

“You have to water the seeds or they’ll not grow.” (Owen)

We’re glad we had big sisters to help us…..











….and little brothers













Johanne and Anri were very intrigued at the different sizes of seeds.  “They’re actually much smaller than I thought.” (Johanne)

   “They’re tiny!” (Anri)

“If we plant some lettuce seeds we could have a salad for snack.” (Maximus)







After exploring the signs they found in the forest, the bairns thought we should have signs for other play areas too.  They even suggested we make signs to show directions on how to get to the forest and pond.  We had lots of great discussion about the different directions and instructions we would need to give to get to the right place and got to work on making some signs, with the help of Sydney’s Dad.

We really loved getting to work with our hammers and nails to create the signs.  We hammered the nails in to spell out the letters and words we wanted.

We used string and elastic bands to twist around the nails to make the letters stand out.  It was quite testing on our fine motor skills twisting in and out the nails.

Even more exciting was getting to hammer in the nails and NO ONE HIT THEIR FINGERS, YEAY!!!!

Alec brought his own hammer from home and kindly showed others how to use it.


It was great to have so many parents and Grandparents helping to spell out the words we needed.

We were finding it difficult to make our way through the forest as the trees grow bigger, so we pruned some trees to make paths around the forest.  Mrs Colvin used the cuttings to weave a Tee-Pee den!  We look forward to making more over the next term.

After all our busy work, the bairns were inspired to change their ice cream shop into a garden centre and shop and got to work creating an amazing indoor gardening space too.

Well done to all involved, we had such a busy, fun day with you all.  We look forward to lots more fun days to come!

Special thanks to Alans of Gillock for supplying the wood and nails for the signs and to Jolene for the seeds and gardening skills!

Outdoor Play and Forest Fun!

We love going to our forest to play.  There are so many things to discover in the forest and we find something new to do each time we go. It’s our favourite outdoor classroom!

We hold hands with a partner and practise crossing the carpark safely on our way to the forest.

The boys and girls in Nursery have been particularly interested lately in the signs they have found in the forest.  They have been using their sounds and letter skills that they have been learning in Nursery, to try to read the signs and discover what they say.

These barrels and trees make great shelters for animals and creatures in the forest, but they also provide great climbing and balancing fun.  Risky play really helps to develop our gross motor skills and allows our children to test and affirm their capabilities, as well as problem solve every day activities.

There are lots of exciting places to explore and hide, but some children have already begun to ponder……

” What will happen when the leaves grow? (Rory)”

“How will we get through the forest? (Owen)”

We found some more signs and worked together to find out what they said.  Anri and Maximus wondered why there were no signs to show us how to get to the forest and thought about ideas of what signs we might need and what they would say.

There are lots of amazing things to discover and find in the forest.  “What is this?  Where did it come from?” Lottie-Mae wanted to take what she had found back to Nursery to look at it a little more closely.






MUD…glorious mud!!!






We were having too much fun to leave the forest so we stopped for a quick picnic snack.

“Look what I found!  Is it a pine cone?  It’s very small. (Archie)”

Look at us climb!

“I’m the highest! (Johanne).”

“I’m like a monkey. (Anri).”

“I got up!  This tree must be very strong. (Lucille)”


“You have to put your head down low to get through.  I nearly got stuck. (Elsie).”

We loooove a muddy puddle….



We visited our nature pond to see if the Frog spawn has hatched yet.  We hope to take some tadpoles to Nursery to look at more closely and see how they change into frogs.

Who will be first to spot a frog?

We found lots of frog spawn but still no tadpoles….

It’s hard work to walk through long grass and heather.  Sometimes we find it tricky and fall over but we are getting better at it and our legs are getting stronger.

Yay – we caught a frog!  It was great to take a closer look at the frogs.  They look tiny but when the frog was trying to jump out of the bucket, we saw it had really really long back legs.

“That’s so they can jump high” (Maximus).

“I can see another frog!” (Honor)

We also took a closer look at some frog spawn.  Some had black dots in the middle but some were beginning to uncurl into tiny tadpoles, getting ready to hatch.

Owen found a tiny caterpillar on the ground.  He carefully and kindly picked it up so as everyone cold have a closer look.

We love getting outdoors to play.  Even better when the sun is shining!

The bairns are really enjoying building their own obstacle courses.  It is fantastic to see them working together to build the obstacles and helping each other as they build their confidence with balancing.

“If you put your arms out like this, it helps you balance.” (Anri)

“I’m rocking!” (Anri)

“It looks like you’re surfing.” (Maximus)

“If we both go on we can do it like a see-saw.” (Lucille)

“Let’s see if we can all balance on it.” (Lucille)



Learning without stabilisers…..

Sandpit fun…..

Mark making with chalk…..

Drawing around each other and our shadows.  Who is the biggest?

Building a house…..