Our “Buddies” came to visit today!

Today our pre school bairns met their Buddies from primary 6.  The bairns going to school after the Summer have been paired up with a Primary 6 pupil (Buddy), as part of their transition to Primary 1.  Everyone was very excited to meet each other and find out all about their Buddy.

The primary 6 pupils had an informal interview with their Nursery Buddy to find out all about them.

Rory told his Buddies he’d like to work in the Furchester Hotel when he grows up.

We all joined in together to discuss what we’d like to find out about primary 1.

There were so many of us we had to use the hall!

Our Buddies wrote down what we wanted to know and they are going to find the answers for us for next week!

Some of us felt a bit shy meeting new people for the first time.

Anri found out that Joanna had two sisters just like her!

Sydney found out that his Buddy Lewis had a new puppy called Thor and Alec had a cat.

We are looking forward to meeting out Buddies next week but also spotting them in the playground at playtime.

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