Baking cakes

We baked fairy cakes for snack, we iced them before we had them at snack time. We had some left over so went around the school giving them to the teachers.

Kirsty and Lucille putting the cake cases into

the tray.

Kirsty weighing out the sugar.


Lucille weighing out the margarine.




Rory weighing out the flour.

Rory putting flour in and Lucille creaming

together the sugar and margarine.

Kirsty cracking the eggs.



Kirsty pouring the eggs into mixture.

Mixing in the eggs.


Mixing all the ingredients together.


Mixing the cake mix.

Lucille cracking the eggs.




Anri weighing out Margarine.

Owen sieving in the icing sugar.



Adding more icing sugar.


Anri and Saara watching them bake.


Saara weighing out icing sugar.


Anri mixing the margarine and icing sugar.

Saara mixing margarine and icing sugar.


John with his cake.

Ruby and Andrew giving John a cake.

Giving Mrs Henderson a cake.

Giving Mrs Bishop in the office a cake

Giving Mrs Inkster a cake.

Ruby, Alec and Andrew delivering the cakes.

Harris the Hedgehog

Harris the hedgehog came to nursery to visit for a few day, before he came we spoke about what kind of den he would need to keep warm, when he would sleep and how big he would need to be before he was put back into the wild. Everyday we weight him and we would feed him, he liked to eat cat food and worms.

Harris all cosy in his bed.

Mrs Smith letting Harris out.

Mrs Smith bringing Harris out.

Harris exploring on the carpet.

Harris exploring.






Mrs Smith putting some food out for Harris.

Harris eating his food.


Harris enjoyed his food.

Scarlett thinks Harris should be this big before

he goes out into the wild.

Ella thinks Harris should be this big.

Harris’s prickly back.

Lauren thinks he should be this big.

Johanne thinks he should be this big.

Lucille thinks he should be that big.

Freya thinks he should be this big.

Kirsty thinks Harris should be that big.

Jasmin thinks he should be that big.

Alexander thinks he should be this big.

Ruby think he should be this big.

Andrew thinks he should be that big.




Harris munching his food.

Harris getting weighed.