On Friday the 10th of March it was SMUHA, we had our own school procession in the morning and the Jarl visiting in the afternoon with his squad and his galley. All the children had a great day and really enjoyed the few weeks before SMUHA making their helmets, axes, torches and shields.

Outside with bikes and scooters

Outside playing on the bikes and scooters on a fine day. The children all had a great time.

Kate and Jessie on the double bike
Innes on the balance bike.
Dylan on the blue bike.
Children enjoying playing on the bikes outside.
Scott and Alexander on the double bike.
Jessie and Kate on the double bike.
Rachel going fast on the trike
Rachel and Scott on the double bike.
Jessie riding the bike without stabilisers.
Alexander on the trike.
Robbie on the scooter.
Scott on the scooter.
Rachel on the scooter.
Freya on the trike.
Andrew on the blue bike.
Ella on the red bike.
Saara and Alexander pretending to go to the shops on the train.
Andrew on the scooter.
Peter running.
Scarlett and Saara on the double bike.
Kirsty on the scooter.
Alexander and Andrew chasing the ball.
Alexander and Rohan on the double bike.
Kirsty on the green trike.
Rohan running.

Making pizza for snack

We made pizza for snack on Tuesday the 7th of March, all the children enjoyed making them and adding their own toppings.

Kirsty adding cheese to her pizza
Ruby adding cheese to her pizza
Jessie about to try her pizza she made
Scott and Alexander trying their pizzas they made for snack
Innes really enjoyed his pizza he made for snack he said “it was yummy”
Alexander eating his pizza
Jessie and Kate enjoying the pizza’s we made for snack.
Archie and Robbie enjoying snack.
Freya enjoying the pizza.
Skyler trying the pizza
Logan, Ella and Saara about to try their pizza’s they made for snack.
Scarlett just finished making her pizza and waiting for it to be cooked in the oven.