We took some snow inside and adding things to it and changing the colour!

We spoke about what snow is, what happens to snow in different temperatures/weather and what it feels like!

img_1462 img_1464 img_1466 img_1467 img_1472


We then went outside and explored the school grounds!

We went sledging, played games, looked at the birds, story telling and made snow angels!

img_1475 img_1478 img_1481 img_1485 img_1486 img_1490 img_1493 img_1505 img_1506 img_1512 img_1519 img_1520 img_1525 img_1527 img_1528 img_1531 img_1532 img_1534 img_1541


We traced our letters we have been learning in the snow too!

img_1494 img_1495 img_1496 img_1497 img_1498 img_1499 img_1500

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