Halloween Time

We have been doing lots of preparation for our Halloween Party!


img_0154 img_0169 img_0180 img_0185 img_0188 img_0204 img_0211 img_0230 img_0232


We have also been doing lots of Halloween Activities!

img_0172 img_0280 img_0281






img_0319 img_0302







Then we had our Halloween Disco where we had all the children come into the morning session! We danced under disco lights, did ghost sack races, hoop and witches hat game, party games and pin the spider on the web!

img_0233 img_0244 img_0250 img_0257 img_0260 img_0262 img_0263 img_0268 img_0270


What a great couple of weeks we had! Everyone’s costumes were amazing! šŸ™‚


Is it really October?

The weather has been so good lately we have been able to go to the park and play!

img_0103 img_0098 img_0096 img_0093 img_0088 img_0085 img_0081 img_0079 img_0023 img_0010 img_0012 img_0007 img_0005 img_0017














“I can see a Pirate ship coming! Hide!”

“They are coming in and fast!”

“We better hide the treasure map and the treasure”

“Quick up back onto our ship!”



Hope everyone has a super October Holidays and lets hope the weather stays great!




Pizza Portions

We have been making our own pizzas with different shaped toppingsĀ this week.

We have been cutting out andĀ makingĀ our pizza bases at the baking station.

img_0041 img_0051 img_0070


And covering them in different toppings at our toppings station.

“Mines a stuffed crust with pepperoni, bacon and cheese!”

“Mines got tomato sauce! This is a tomato because it’s a circle”


“This is cucumber cause its a green circle!”







“This square bit is my ham.”


“This is pepperoni see with the cirlces and the dots- it’s an everything feast pizza”












After they were cooked on the drying rack we cut them into slices some were cut in half and some into quarters.

“I’m slicing my pizza up. OneĀ piece for my friend and another piece for my other friend!”




Pizza Anyone?





Human Body

We have been learning about different parts of our bodies; their names and their functions. We also have been making our own human body models.

We have two lungs and they work together to make us breathe. They also pump oxygen around our body and to our brain.

img_9872 img_99441






The wall of our heart is made of really strong muscles that squeeze and relax to pump blood around our body through our veins.

img_9854 img_9863 img_9865


Our esophagus is a tube that connects our throat to our stomach.

img_9813 img_9816







Our stomach breaks up our food we eat usingĀ the acid and strong muscles in ourĀ stomach walls. (someone seems to of eaten one of the nursery cars- uh oh)



Our intestines break down our food even more so that all the vitamins and minerals pass through the wall of our intestines.

img_9832 img_9839






We got our skeleton man out (who we now call Gaston after a carpet time discussion) to figure out where all the parts of our bodies go and what they actually look like.

img_9837 img_9834 img_9836 img_9837 img_9917






Then we put our body parts we made together and made our own models!

img_99621 img_9965