Giant Junk Modelling

Mrs Arnett brought us loads of cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes to play and build with!


We were using masking tape, cellotape and tools to join our creations together.












“Mend it we needs lots of tape”








“It needs to be fixed.”





We then started decorating our models with glue, glitter, pictures and paint whatever way we wanted!

IMG_9082 IMG_9092 IMG_9083

IMG_9101 IMG_9104


“I’m making a valley, it’s a kind of house, today I’m making it with all my favourite things; boxes, colours and paint.”


“It’s a Miko House, we are making it super strong. Its got holes in it because its really old, it’s got super powers. I painted it, now its dry.”


We then got to build with them, hide in them and play with them!

We have gone from making, “bomb shelters” to “Candy floss machines!” and “A construction site.”

IMG_9106 IMG_9084 IMG_9107 IMG_9120

IMG_9108 IMG_9117

“These pipes make it really strong.”





Everyone was so busy this morning and so creative!


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