Dialect Singing

Both sessions of Nursery have been getting dialect singing on Wednesdays with Miss Barclay.

Miss Barclay was showing us her puppets and soft toys.

There was Berty the sheepdog who was giving us high 5’s and cuddles (which we also sang about)…



We learnt the Shetland word for each animal puppet that Miss Barclay had. There was a Dratsie, Selkie, Sheltie, Drummy Bee and a Tammie Norie. We did very well at remembering all the names.


We sang and danced to a song called the, “Laevericks song.”

We had to be flying peerie Laevericks;

IMG_8804 IMG_9012

Then Drummie Bees;



We also sang a song called, “Da Rabbit’s Lullaby” about a Bunny called Fluffy. We had to be so gentle and quiet with Fluffy. We had a funny joke where we had to fall asleep at the end too!

IMG_8805 IMG_9014 IMG_9029 IMG_9031




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