Music Update

Hello Everyone.  Mrs Inkster here to give you an update on last term’s Music lessons.

I really enjoyed teaching music last term despite all the restrictions. I am getting used to having to go between the different classrooms and have not had to call on Jacqui nearly as much this term to help get my laptop connected! The pupils never make a fuss about all the limitations in place and they are such a polite and respectful bunch to work with and a real credit to the school and their families. It always brings a smile to my face as the peerie wans run to greet me on my arrival each Thursday morning and a special thank you to the P2 pupil who always gets the door for me – you know who you are!!

As you may know, we are not permitted to sing in school at present but we did have fun using percussion instruments this term. I allocated a box to each class to keep things safe and we had a lot of fun performing some Christmas rhythm playalongs. In the final week most classes had a go at the ‘Jingle Bells Bossa’ activities which were really good fun too.

P4/5 were treated to a super rendition on accordion of Jingle Bells by one of their classmates which was a lovely end to the final lesson.

Primary 7 worked really hard on arrangement of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and it was so lovely to be able to use instruments for a change even with all the hand sanitising required when tuning! (And there was that certain violin that kept going out of tune!!) A big thank you to Annalie Hayward (the string instructor) for all her help with this performance.

Here are a few pictures that I managed to take in the last week. (The rest of my photos and videos from the past two terms were inadvertently deleted when my laptop was getting fixed.)

It is vexing to have to go back to online learning again but I look forward to hearing from you all with details of any musical activities that you have managed to do each week and I do love to get your recordings through.  I was AMAZED at how many items we got for the Isolation CD which we made in the last lockdown which Overtonlea were delighted with.

I will be posting some musical things online for you to try and am planning to include a song each week seeing as you ARE allowed to sing at home – yippee!! If you have any requests for particular songs or musical activities then please let me know and keep those recordings coming. I look forward to ‘glowing’ with you soon!

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