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HT Blog – Week 7

Afternoon all!


It has already been a busy day here.  The P5-7s all went to see a play, ‘My Friend Selma,’ this morning at Cunningsburgh.  I have heard great reviews.  We are very grateful to have had this opportunity and thank Noelle Henderson and Shetland Arts.

Bikeability is happening now.  There will be further sessions for those who missed out.  Next week will be the assessment session.

We have had a Bookbug session this morning.  It is great to see all the peerie ones coming in.  It is good to get to know them and their parents before they start nursery with us.

P5/6 enjoyed a Spanish session with Mr Harpe.


Mrs Hay is in P5/6 while Mrs Wells attends training.

Ms Clare Burke, Speech and Language Therapist,  visiting to see pupils.


Mr Rose will be in P6/7 to support their learning in P4/5.

We have a staff meeting to discuss Christmas!!!

7pm:  Parent Council AGM #2


Mr Rose will be in P4/5 to support their learning.


Primary 7 have their first John Muir day.  They are all very much looking forward to it.   Mrs Hay will be in to work with the P6s.

P2/3 and P4/5 have swimming.  This is their last session for now.  P4/5 have a day to make up and this will happen in May or June.

Mr Haviland, our QIO, and Suzanne Hargreaves, attainment advisor for Shetland, are vising on Friday to discuss our improvement plan.

We have assembly with Al Weir.

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Head Teachers Blog – Week 6

Week 6 is shaping up to be another busy one!


We welcome Mr John Swinney to Dunrossness Primary.

Mrs Wells is out and Miss Budge will be in P5/6.

There is bikeability for P6 and Mr Harpe is in P5/6 to teach Spanish.


P5/6 have their family lunch today.  I am looking forward to lasagne.


The P7s have their health screenings.

Mr Rose is working with P6/7.


Mr Rose is working with P4/5 in the afternoon.


Mrs Inkster is away and Mrs Wishart will be teaching in P2/3.

I am leading a Jigsaw Assembly on ‘Celebrating Difference.’  We also have our second Focus Friday which is concentrating on Nurture.


Week 5

Morning everyone.  I apologise for the lack of blogging!  I can’t quite believe we are heading in to week 5 already.

I would like to pass on a compliment we received from a parent regarding the behaviour of our P5-7 class whilst on a visit to Sandwick School.  He said everyone was very well behaved.  It is nice to hear that the children represent the school so well.

Can I ask that children do not bring putty or blu tac etc to school.  This often ends up in the carpets!


Mrs Wells has her development day today instead of Wednesday and Miss Budge will be teaching P5/6.

Bikeability for P6 will be on in the morning for P6/7 and afternoon for P5/6.

P5/6 have Spanish with Mr Harpe.

I am out in the morning at Hayfield House, as part of an interview panel.

Marion Sutherland and Emma Graydon will be in NOOSC.  Remember we need 24 hours notice of bookings as we are reliant on relief staff and they require notice.


I am out again, this time it is a Head Teachers’ Development Day.  There are 4 of these meetings across the year where we get a chance to hear information about local and national initiatives in education.  It is also a great chance to spend time with other head teachers across the Shetland school.s

Mrs Wells has development training in the morning and Mrs Hay will be in P5/6.

We welcome friends and family of P4/5 to join their children for family lunch.  The forms were returned last week, so if you are attending please see Jackie in the office to pay for lunch if you haven’t done so already.  I believe it is roast chicken on the menu.


We have a visit from Finlay Mackenzie from Blythswood Care to talk to everyone about the Shoe Box Appeal.  We took part in this last year and will be a collection point again this year for anyone wishing to fill a shoe box.

Mr Rose is visiting P6/7 as part of their interdisciplinary learning .

The South Mainland Learning Partnership meet in the staffroom at 2.30pm.  This is to discuss the successful history walk and also how we can develop this community partnership.  We would really like to work more with the community.  It is coming up the the 50th birthday of the school so we will be planning some events in the lead up to that.

Marion and Emma will be working in NOOSC .


Mr Rose visits P4/5 in the afternoon as part of their interdisciplinary learning.

Marion and Emma are in NOOSC


P2/3 and P4/5 have swimming in the morning.

Alasdair Macpherson is delivering our assembly this week.  This is a change from the original rota you received.  He and Al Weir have swapped a day.  Al Weir will come and see us on the 5th October instead.


Week 8

Let’s hope the mist blows away so we can have a fine week of weather next week.


We have the following pupils representing the South Mainland Schools at the County Sports:  Ciaran, Jacob, Ayla, Archie, Lily-Jane, Cameron and Lewis.  We wish them all the very best in their events and look forward to hearing how they’ve got on.  I will update you.

We also have Scottish Opera, the P5 and P6 pupils are in Sandwick all day, rehearsing in the morning for the performance at 2pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend the performance of ‘Dragon of the Western Sea.’   The rest of the school will be attending the performance.

Mrs Graydon is leading a Bookbug session in the library at 10am.

While the P5s are away Ms Izzy Swanson is coming to do some drama with the P4s.

P7 are out on a John Muir Day.


P1/2 go to Boddam Voe with Harry Rose as part of their topic work.

We have a meeting at 6.30pm for the parents of our new P1 class.


History Walk day!  We are really looking forward to hosting a History Walk around the Boddam Loop.  It should be a great morning with lots of members of the community coming together to share knowledge and stories about the area around the school.  We will have some items on show in the school too.

Mrs Leslie and Mrs Smith are missing this event as they are in Aberdeen for a  Northern Alliance Literacy meeting.

I am going to the Screenplay launch in the evening to see an introduction to the films on offer and possibly book some trips for our classes next session.


Mrs Inkster is away and Mrs Tait will be covering her class.  P2/3 are off to the Pool of Virkie on a trip with Mr Rose.

Mrs Wishart is covering P5/6 today.  Mr Rose is with the class in the afternoon.

The pre-school class are going to spend some time in their new classroom with Mrs B Smith.  I will take the current P1/2s for a health and well being session.


Mrs Inkster is still away and Mrs Tait is in P2/3.  Mrs Wishart is in P1/2.  We are very lucky to have such lovely supply teachers to come and work in our school!

As music has moved to Thursdays, we have our celebration assembly on Friday this week.  We would love to hear about celebrations from home.

This will be my last day in school until Monday 18th June as I am away in Loch Insh the following week with P7.

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Week 7

Good morning everyone!  What a fabulous weekend it has been, I am pleased to see the fine weather I ordered arrived and we all got to enjoy the outdoors!

We welcome back Mrs Fiona Henderson to P1/2.  We are delighted to have her back.


Tonight we have a nursery parents evening from 4-5.30 and 6.30-8pm.  We hope to see lots of parents there.   We will have feedback on your questionnaires available and would encourage you to ask about anything you are unsure of.   This has been a learning year for us all with the implementation of 1140 hours.


P7s will be catching the SJHS bus for the first time.  The bus times were sent out on Thursday but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure.  1a go on their outdoor day and 1b remains in school for a STEM/Problem solving day.

We have our first transition morning, with everyone moving into their new classes.  It is a chance to spend some time with new class mates and the teacher they will have for the year.


P7 are out again today, this time 1a stays in school and 1b will be on their outdoor education day.  They catch the bus straight to SJHS again.

We have assembly with Mr Alasdair Macpherson.

Due to the change in timetables in secondary, Mrs J Inkster will be in Dunrossness to teach music on Thursdays from now on.


Ms Scanlan is away on training and Mrs L Tait will cover her class.

We hope everyone has a super week in school!

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Week 6

Afternoon everyone.  What a super week of weather we have had. It has been so good to see the bairns enjoying themselves outside.  The outdoor education day yesterday couldn’t have been better.  Thanks to pupils from P5/6 and P6/7 for planting more willows.   Have you been in our ‘forest’ lately?  It is looking great!

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe we are heading in to week 6.  The P7s all had transition visits this week and the pupils transferring to both Sandwick and the Anderson High were positive about their visits.  It is an exciting time for them.  They are a great bunch and we are going to make the most of our time left with them.

So next week!  Busy week again.  Is there any other kind?


P5/6 are all going to SJHS to practice for the Scottish Opera in the morning.  All of P7 are heading to Voxter for what looks like a very exciting outdoor day.

Tehre is a meeting for the parents of pupils going on the Loch Insh trip in the social area of Sandwick Junior High School.


We have our Learner Led event on Tuesday between 6 and 8pm.  Children invited who they would like to come and share their learning with.  We hope to see lots of you there.  Mrs Smith (PE) Ms Burr (art) and Mrs Inkster (music) will all be there too.  We have a Scholastic Book Fair on display as well as some plants for sale.


P1/2 start our day off with their class assembly where they will share their learning with family and friends.  It is a nice way for Mrs Tait to celebrate her last day in P1/2.  We would like to thank her for all her hard work.  We are delighted she is staying on in another role in the school.   I am not very good at goodbyes!


We have a meeting with the South Mainland Partnership and some of our volunteers for our History Walk at 2.30pm.  It is shaping up to be a super day on the 6th June for this walk.  I have requested a fine day for it.

Friday 25th May


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Week 5

Good afternoon.  Another busy week here in Dunrossness Primary!  We welcome Louise Fraser and Molly Budge to school for work experience from the Anderson High.

I was out yesterday at a Head Teacher Development Day.  Some very interesting presentations and thoughts for future developments.  It is always good to attend these days to hear about local and national initiatives, of which there are many at the moment!

Today we have had a visit to our nursery from Mrs Audrey Edwards from Schools Service and Mr Craig Clement, from the Northern Alliance, who is looking at the model for expansion to the 1140 hours free early learning and child care for all 3-5 year olds with our collaborative from the north of Scotland.  He seemed impressed with our setting and the flexibility we are able to offer parents.  He also saw some very happy bairns playing outside.

Bairns in all the classes are busy preparing for our Learner Led event next Tuesday.  Keep an eye out for your invitations!

On Wednesday we lots on!  P7 go to SJHS for a transition visit, P4/5 are off to Mareel to see ‘Baba Yaga’ and P5/6 and the remainder of P6/7 are off to visit the archaeological site at Brew with Mr Gerry Bigelow.   The pre-school children are having their first school dinner in the hall with the others.  Mrs Leslie is out on a training course.

Thursday starts with an assembly from Cheri Young from the Scripture Union.  Mrs Leslie is out on a training course.

On Friday P4/5 are off to the Sumburgh Lighthouse for a visit.

The school is looking lovely with all the displays and bairns work on the walls.  We very much hope that lots of you will come along next Tuesday to see what is going on!

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